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Looking for a pig to roast

Any favorite local places that offer these? I need a 100 pounder.

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  1. Try calling Papa Cristo's Restaurant on Pico and Normandie. They might be able to help you since they are involved in roasting lambs. I would also check with Victor's Meats at National and Exposition in the Palms area. They're a great meat market and very accommodating.

    1. This comes up about twice a year. Here are some previous links that are still good info:



      Hope this helps.

      1. Most Filipino restaurants offer lechon (roast pig). They need at least 2-3 day advance notice.

        1. Thanks for all the excellent leads. Unfortunately it looks like I got the order wrong...the pig will have to be pre-roasted. Still several useful leads however...

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            Hmmmmm .......With Memorial Day Weekend coming up - this is giving me ideas. There may be pig roast in the offing!

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              Try CBS Seafood in LA Chinatown. I see people picking up roast pigs there on the weekends all the time. 100 pounds is a pretty big pig and top price I've seen at CBS is $150 for their large size which looks like around 20 pounds cooked.

              You might also check other Chinese restaurants that have BBQ. Size of pig your looking for looks like those crackling skin pigs they got hanging.

              CBS Seafood
              700 N Spring St
              Los Angeles, CA 90012
              (213) 617-2323

            2. Marcondas at the Third Street Farmers Market can get them for you. I've just been talking with Lou about it.

              1. Geez Bronc, kinda hungry aren't we? How about Chinese? I don't know if they roast 100-pounders, but I would guess 100 pounds of roasted pig meat should be an easy-do if given notice...

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                  It's a 70th b/d party for my dad, and apparently the aesthetic effect of having a giant pig on a platter has more appeal than 50 take-out cartons incribed with chinese ideographs. Though I do plan on calling some Chinese joints to see if they can handle this at a good price. Doing a little projecting, it looks like a 100 lb. pre-roasted pig will run $300-350, though I've just begun to price.

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                    I'm confused. Do you want a roasted pig or do you want to roast it yourself?

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                      Sorry, plans were changed mid-stream and post-post. The current desire is for a 100 pound, already roasted pig.

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                      I'm new to this board, but at ACC Chinese Fast Food, 38 S. Palm Ave., Alhambra (626-281-8577), they list a whole roast suckling pig for a $110 and a whole roasted pig for $140 on their menu. I'm assuming you have to give a few days advanced notice. I haven't personally ordered this myself. Hope this helps.

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                        Second that. My parents who live in MPK are getting a whole roast pig somewhere around there for a 30 person party at their house. They said it was one on the smaller side and there was much larger options available.

                        Apparently you can get it from Filipino or Chinese places. Chinese, the skin is a little crispier and cracklier and the meat is not as juicy. Filipino, the meat is juicer but the skin won't quite have the same snap.

                        Since I'm all about pork skin, I voted for Chinese style so I can feast on the leftovers.

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                          Your dad likes to live large! Jase took the words right out of my mouth about the Chinese-style of roasting. The skin will be nice and crackling, and although the meat won't be as succulent, it should still be moist enough to make most happy. The skin goes very well with hoisin, some spring onions and/or cilantro, and any kind of carb wrap (but I have a strong feeling you already knew this, and then some). Hope you find your pig - this will be memorable for everyone - you're a great son to indulge your dad like this...

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                            BBQ Unlimited makes a great roast pig, will cut it for you and then reassemble it in to a whole roast pig, they will also make sides to go with it. They offer pigs at various weights and prices. I've never ordered a whole pig but I have ordered portions of their roast pig and it is wonderful. BBQ Unlimited is located on Sherman Way between Fulton and Coldwater on the south side of the street.

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                              My two siblings and I think he's worth it. Though I won't think the day is complete unless I somehow manage to confiscate a couple of the ribs.

                              Thanks again to all for the comments, this is getting more complicated than I'd first imagines...which is a good thing.

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                                Keep us up to date on your situation. I'm still curious about the 100 pound pig.

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