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May 15, 2007 12:34 AM

Looking for a pig to roast

Any favorite local places that offer these? I need a 100 pounder.

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  1. Try calling Papa Cristo's Restaurant on Pico and Normandie. They might be able to help you since they are involved in roasting lambs. I would also check with Victor's Meats at National and Exposition in the Palms area. They're a great meat market and very accommodating.

    1. This comes up about twice a year. Here are some previous links that are still good info:

      Hope this helps.

      1. Most Filipino restaurants offer lechon (roast pig). They need at least 2-3 day advance notice.

        1. Thanks for all the excellent leads. Unfortunately it looks like I got the order wrong...the pig will have to be pre-roasted. Still several useful leads however...

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            Hmmmmm .......With Memorial Day Weekend coming up - this is giving me ideas. There may be pig roast in the offing!

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              Try CBS Seafood in LA Chinatown. I see people picking up roast pigs there on the weekends all the time. 100 pounds is a pretty big pig and top price I've seen at CBS is $150 for their large size which looks like around 20 pounds cooked.

              You might also check other Chinese restaurants that have BBQ. Size of pig your looking for looks like those crackling skin pigs they got hanging.

              CBS Seafood
              700 N Spring St
              Los Angeles, CA 90012
              (213) 617-2323

            2. Marcondas at the Third Street Farmers Market can get them for you. I've just been talking with Lou about it.