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May 14, 2007 11:02 PM

Ok, friends, now I HAVE to try Primos Donuts!!

Does anyone know what time they open? There goes my Weight Watchers "points" for the day. LOL!!

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  1. Probably by 6 or so. I'm normally there at 7 a.m. and the choice of fresh donuts seems good then.

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    1. re: tony michaels

      i live within walking distance. i'm going today. darn you chowhound!!!

      1. re: tony michaels

        Hey Tony, I think they open at 5:30AM during the week, and 6AM on Saturdays... But hey - they're a family business - if they decide to open at 5:45 or 6:15, I'm sure no one will complain... just more hungry...

      2. If you are going to Primo's, which is on Sawtelle just north of National, combine it with a stop at Royal Donuts. It is not far away in the middle of the strip mall on the S/E corner of Sepulveda and Palms, across from the Trader Joes. Be sure to try the cinnamon roll and the crumb donut.

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        1. re: nosh

          My donut mission to Primo's and Royal will be tomorrow, Wednesday. Thanks and curses, lovingly, to you all!

          1. re: cupcake

            When are the donuts warm? Only right when they open, or will there be some at 10 ish?

            1. re: cupcake

              I've had donuts from Primo's that are still warm at 10-ish before.

              1. re: hch_nguyen

                I think they make the buttermilk bars all morning long. I've never had one that wasn't warm.

                1. re: sku

                  I've had some that were room temperature. I didn't mind though. I've had them freshly made out of the fryer, and I think I prefer them cooled down a bit with a slightly warm center. The bar loses some of its moisture like that so the exterior is settled and crispy and the glaze hardens up a bit and crackles. details....details....

                  1. re: hch_nguyen

                    Be still, my heart. Seriously. I will report back tomorrow.