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May 14, 2007 09:02 PM

Birthday Dinner - French Restaurant

I'm looking for a French restaurant to take a special someone to for a birthday dinner. I'm thinking about:

La Cachette
Chez Mimi
Le Petit Bistro

Any thoughts on these or new recs? Thanks guys.

PS - The girl is a big duck/foie gras fan.

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  1. Of those three, the best, most attractive (and most expensive) would be La Cachette, followed distantly by Chez Mimi and, bringing up the rear, Le Petit Bistro. Two other excellent (but expensive) choices would be Melisse on Wilshire and 11th in Santa Monica and Ortolan on 3rd near Sweetzer. Pastis on Beverly near Fairfax would be a good moderately priced choice as well, about on a par with Chez Mimi.

      1. Well, if she's real special and duck foie gras is a "must", then only La Cachette would qualify as some of the others mentioned (*) don't have it on their menu. La Cachette has 3 on the theirs, including:

        "Terrine of Foie Gras - Jean-François’ Duck Foie Gras Terrine, seasoned with Sauternes and Black Pepper, served with Brioche Toast and a Rhubarb-Goji Berry Jam - $25.00."

        It's expensive - Foie Gras for her, salad for you, 2 entrees, 1 dessert, $50 for a bottle of wine, and valet - your looking at $230 (including tax & tip), and that's using some restraint.

        (*) Melisse, Chez Mimi, Le Petit Bistro and is disappearing from others, like Spago ...

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          La Cachette would be my first choice...

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            I love La Cachette also. Great food, very nice room.

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          1. Mimosa is fun, as well. I've always liked the food, but admit I have't been in a while.
            I agree that La Cachette is very good for food. But I've had lovely meals at Chez Mimi, and setting is very nice.

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              Thanks for all the replies everyone. I ended up pulling the trigger on La Cachette. The place was wonderful. Great service, great ambiance, and most important of all, excellent food. I ended up dropping a little over $230, but it was worth every penny. Had the foie gras, smoked salmon tartar, squab, duck, and chocolate souffle - all excellent. I would definitely recommend going here and wouldn't mind going back. I'll be eager in trying out the other places you guys recommended. I'm sure my wallet will too. =)