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May 14, 2007 08:41 PM

I-55 S.Bound-NO

Being a Mississippi native I've had a lifetime of family and friend trips to the Big Easy.However, my up-coming trip is something of a virgin trip.I will be taking my wife and 6 year old handicapable son(first timer) .Unfortunatly, we have no nurse or sitter to help during supper...................I need to be educated on the kid friendly/wheelchair spots....????? Also, wll not tolerate bad snotty service...e.g. Commanders Palace

Here's what I'm thinking........ Friday late lunch,Middendorff's
Friday evening supper, Oysters at ACME or Desire
Sat. a.m. Cafe' Du Monde' (french mkt.&giant sharks)!!!
Sat. lunch, Mother's....naa....line is to damn long.....
any ideas???? Gonna miss Elvis and the bloody mary.
Sat. supper Upperline,Cochen,GW Fins,Bayona or K-Pauls
Sun. a.m. sleep late, Begue's brunch (in hotel)
Sun. supper, Galatoire's(if line is to long)?????
Monday late a.m., find some rib sticking red beans, a good
deal on Abbita beer and head home..........

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  1. This was before Katrina, but for what it's worth I took a 1 year old to Commander's, we were wearing jeans (I asked the hostess if that would be ok), and we had no reservations and we were treated excellently. The waitress was very attentive to us, especially my son. Things may have changed since 2005, but at one time Commander's was exceedingly kid-friendly.

    Just my 2 cents.

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    1. re: chris in illinois

      Chris, thanks for sharing your story.I should probably give C.Palace another shot.The last time was in's how it played out.....My friend asked for a Sprite 6 times before he recieved it,by then we were into the main course,and he was freaking out!(he's a recovering wino) The rest of the party was swilling wine like there was no tomorrow.......Then I noticed my potatos were on my friends plate ..........There is more but I would be here forever.In short, I was displeased in the service and the smug waiter.And yes......the service was bad and the waiter was smug way before we all got drunk(except for the recovering)!!LOLOLOLOLOL!

      1. re: slapyamomma

        The service at Commander's is wonderful, take it from someone who has been there hundreds of times. You can't really criticize a place if you've only been there once. There won't be a line necessarily on Sunday night at Galatoire's, Friday lunch is the wait.

    2. Try the Palace Cafe on Canal near Bourbon. You will want a reservation. It's a Brennan property and less pretentious that Commander's. I do love Commander's for Sunday brunch, though! Haven't been there since before Katrina.
      Also the Camellia Grill on Carrolton (near end of St. Charles) just reopened. Best hamburgers in the world are prepared as you watch by waiters in white jackets. My children loved the Camellia Grill. I think your son would enjoy it!

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      1. re: marchperson

        Thanks for the info. I've gone to NO a thousand times without children.However, you throw kids into the mix and all the rules change. Also,all those not so difficult places become obstacles with a child in a wheelchair.

        1. re: slapyamomma

          fiorella's is nice, galatoire's would be great. don't know if they have good access for wheelchairs.

          K-Paul's is always great and very unpretentious (i felt august was pretentious as all hell when visiting there a few years back). but stay away from the little too sweet desserts unless you like really really really sweet desserts.

          oh, and cochon is good too.

          oh, and galatoire's shouldn't have too long a line on Sunday in the evening, if i'm not mistaken it's busier in the daytime for lunch, esp, the much heralded all-day lunch affairs on fridays. (remember galatoire's closed always on mondays).

          and yeah, cafe du monde is always good, if only for the atmosphere. and the cheapest breakfast, lunch, dinner, and or midnite snack in all of town.