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May 14, 2007 07:57 PM

Where to get fresh local salmon?

Does anyone know where in the East Bay to buy local salmon. The season recently opened but I have not seen LOCAL salmon. If someone can suggest where to get it, what is the price per pound?

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  1. Monterey Fish Market but they sell out fast. Farmer's markets which also sell out fast.

    1. Hudson Fish usually has salmon while it is in season. Get to the farmers' market right at opening, if you can, because they will sell out. Local, very fresh.

      1. Not in the East Bay, but at Pillar Pt Harbor near Half Moon Bay, the boats were selling whole King salmon for $7 per pound. I remember a couple of years ago it was $3.50 but that was when the season was more prosperous for the commercial salmon boats.

        1. The local commercial boats have not been very successful. The season recently opened but with area restrictions. The weather has not been favorable to salmon fishing and until recently near shore water tempertures have not been salmon friendly.

          My local market said they are selling Alaska salmon because they would have to sell local salmon for ~$25-30/lb. They are selling Alaskan salmon for $20/lb.

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            Tokyo Fish had local king on Saturday for $18.95/lb. I haven't been in this week yet.

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              I heard there were heavy restrictions on the new season as well.

              Any way, not always local but usually very well priced is Berkeley Bowl's fish market. All kind of Alaskan and in season Copper River, etc.

            2. I have just posted some salmon comments under the heading Marin Farmers Market Notes. I only wanted to add here that if I can get really fresh, strictly local King salmon at $7.95 for whole, $8.95 for roasts, a few dollars more per lb for steaks and fillets at my local farmers market, surely there are places in East Bay where it is less than $18.95 per lb (wonderful as Tokyo Fish may be otherwise). And in my experience, by the way, local king is much better than the cult-marketed Copper River.