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May 14, 2007 07:53 PM

Best omakase menu

Looking for recs on the best omakase menu in Manhattan. I've had it at Nobu and Sushi Yasuda. Prefer something downtown.

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  1. I haven't tried everywhere- but Morimoto blew me away.

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      In terms of omakase, Morimoto is indeed one of the best in NYC. But it has to be the $200 omakase where you sit in front of the chef (preferably chef Moriomoto himself0, and not the $120 chef tasting (this one is pathetic). It is not purely sushi / sashimi like Sushi Yasuda, more like Nobu-style, but 10 times better.

      1. second 15 east - the jewel bako chef is now at 15 east, btw,

        1. Ushiwakamaru. Great variety of cooked and raw, and on Houston St.

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              Sushi of Gari 46 if variety and quality of fish is your concern. Last time I went I had snow crab sushi which is pretty rare to find in the city and they pair the fish with interesting toppings such as hot tomato, pesto, even mini-salad on top --very creative

              Jewel Bako is just great because Yoshi, the head Sushi chef (he did not go to 15 east, a different jewel bako chef did) has a great personality and is great at explaining things. Plus, Jack Lamb is just such a gracious host and the atmosphere is very welcoming and just plain fun. The fish is not as unique as at Sushi of Gari, but overall a great experience

            2. re: Andrew P.

              Ushiwakamaru. I second this place. Just went there last week (I posted a review earlier under the thread (Ushiwakamaru). Absolute perfection with no hype or attitude like Jewel bako or the uptown places. Call ahead and get seats in front of Hideo the owner and throw yourself at his mercy.

              By the way, Jack Lamb may be a gracious host but his wife is full of crap. She actually pretended to not understand English very well when we complained about the group behind us getting phone calls and talking loudly in the restaurant. She did the "smiley behind the hand thing shaking her head" to convey that she did not understand us. The waiter was apologetic but Ms. Lamb was a waste of time. she must have known the group or thought they were too rich to say anything. If they are going to charge Nobu prices then at least the service could match.

              Anyway, if you go to Ushiwakamaru be prepared to spend lots of cash but you be in heaven every second and wish you had gone earlier in your life. Its in the Village on West Houston street between Mcdougal and Sullivan.