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May 14, 2007 07:45 PM

Seeking Breakfast/Brunch Ideas - SFV to Pasadena

Some lifetime friends and I are doing our annual take-our-moms-out-for-the-day in a couple of weeks and I am looking for Saturday breakfast/brunch recommendations - not buffet, not pretentious, but sit-down, nice, and good food. The moms can be giggly, picky and loud (and yes still embarrassing). I'm looking for somewhere between Northridge and Pasadena so it can be along the 101, 134, 5, 210, etc. Yummy baked goods and cute place are a plus. Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

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  1. If anyone has an suggestions, I would be most grateful. Options can include lunch too. I keep finding places not to go...

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      A little out of the way on Topanga Canyon is Inn Of The Seventh Ray. Great brunch, lovely setting, buffet style (good for picky eaters, they pcik their own). Yummy baked goods. Outside, so loud is no problem, but only on Sunday.

      Saturday, you might get great breakfast at Marmalade on Ventura in Sherman Oaks. Very lvoely interia.

      Maison Akira in Pasadena does a Sunday brunch, not sure about Saturday.

      You would be better to look for a Burnch on a Sunday, the traditional day.

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        For a Saturday Moms' Brunch, I would suggest Julienne in San Marino. Great atmosphere, outdoor seating, and really really good breakfast and lunch fare. You can't go wrong here. Go early so you don't have to wait too long, because I don't believe they take reservations for Saturday. I could be wrong.

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          Robin's Restaurant on Foothill in the Hasting Ranch Plaza. They have been highly rated in my book and PASADENA WKLY for years. Fabulous ribs and on certain nites an ALL-YOU-CAN-STUFF!!! see their website for menu.

        2. I like Hugo's for Breakfast. On riverside in Studio City. Good lunches, too.

          1. Hands down...the Raymond House in Pasadena. Your mom's will love it.

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              I wanted to say thanks for the Raymond recommendation. We went on Saturday - the setting (patio seating) was lovely, service was good and everyone really liked their food and noon-time cocktails. I just had a salad and no cocktail so I can't provide great food commentary, but this was a perfect recommendation for us.

            2. More Than Waffles in Encino is good, and priced well. You can sit outside, good for loud-ness factor.

              On Tujunga in Studio City is Aroma Cafe. Great food, amazing desserts, I find any excuse to go there. You order at the dessert case (which is just cruel) and they bring your food to you wherever you decide to sit. There's even a cute little bookshop attached. Almost always busy, but SO worth it.