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May 14, 2007 07:40 PM

24-hour coffee houses in the village/chelsea?

Sorry to start another coffee shop thread, but i couldn't find a great answer by searching.

I'd like to know if anyone could name some cafes in this area that are 24-hour or at least late-night. Preferably with wi-fi.

I know of Esperanto on MacDougal and Manatus Diner on Bleecker & 10th, but I don't think the latter has wi-fi.


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  1. It's more Soho, but Aroma, an Israeli coffee house (I beleive it's a chain in Israel), is 24 hours and has Wifi. It's on Houston, can't remember the cross street, though.

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      I don't think its 24 hours anymore....unfortunately...I was walking by it last Sat night at 2am and it was very dark inside :(

    2. There are two "coffee shops" (i.e. diners) not cafes on 23rd and 9th Avenue that seem to be 24 hours. Moondance? Moonstruck? is the name of one of them.