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May 14, 2007 06:08 PM

Pizza, Hot Dogs and Something Else...

I am coming from NYC and flying in to Chicago for the Cubs/Yankees game and greatly looking forward to the local cuisine. I would love people's opinions on the best place for Chicago Dogs, Deep Dish Pizza, and something else that I haven't thought of that Chicago is famous for. I know these are standard questions for Chicago, but would love to hear what you guys think. Thanks

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  1. Portillos for the Chicago style 'dog ,while there I'd try the Italian beef(it's killer!),and the chocolate cake is a must!,it is better than any i have ever eaten anywhere period!,enjoy!.

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      1. Better check your tickets, the Yankees are playing the S.Side team( the only baseabll team in Chicago to win a World Series in the last 90 years... : ) ), the White Sox, not the North Siders..

        As another poster suggested add the Italian Beef sandwich to your list.

        Since you will be ont he S.Side you can either get one of the best ballpark hot dogs around @ the Cell, a grilled Best Kosher dog, or before the game I go to Morrie Omallys a few blocks west of the park on 35th street. Cheaper than the park, and the will grill the hotdogs there as well.

        Morrie Omallys
        3501 S. Union
        Chicago, IL.

        Enjoy your visit, and the game.
        Go.. Go... White Sox.

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          You guys are awesome. Thanks so much for these great ideas. Italian beef...I knew I was forgetting something

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            Oh ,and dont forget a Maxwell street polish sandwich, pretty good stuff!

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              God Bless you. That looks ridiculously good

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                should you get a chance to read this before your trip, one other thing i would really recommend if you see it on a menu,or even ask locals ,is a fried tenderloin sandwich,not so much a Chicago thing,as it is a Midwest thing,they are delicious none the less.

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          1. Another Chicago dish is Chicken Vesuvio. One place to sample it would be Bachanalia.

            There is a style of barbequeued ribs that is associated with Chicago (Chicago style BBQ), which apparently involves adding water during the smoking to make the meat more moist. In any case, there are a few very good BBQ rib joints on the south side (where the Sox stadium is located). I recommend Uncle John's, although there are closer ones and even though Uncle John's makes the drier type of ribs (not Chicago style).

            The third dish I'd like to mention is a mexican breakfast dish that is rumoured to have been invented in Chicago. I can't remember the name for the life of me, perhaps other Chowhounds can help me out ?

            2413 S. Oakley
            Chicago, IL 60608
            Tel: 773.254.6555

            Uncle John's BBQ
            337 E. 69th St.
            Tel: (773) 892-1233

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                For hot dogs -- hands down best in the world is Hot Doug's on the 3300 block of N. California. They call themselves an "encased meat emporium" and have wild game sausages in addition to the normal fare. Go on a friday or saturday and you can enjoy fries cooked in duck fat. Tthat's eatin'!