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May 14, 2007 06:08 PM

Nice Dinner for 30 in Marin?

My fiance and I are trying to plan a nice dinner for about 30 people in Marin next spring as a sort of informal wedding reception. We were disappointed to learn that the Olema Inn, our first choice, requires a minimum of 70 people and a $7500 buyout of the facility. Any other suggestions? Fork? Station House Cafe? A nice facility where we could bring in our own caterer? Anything else? TIA for the help!

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  1. maybe the buckeye roadhouse? i went to a wedding reception in their private room several years ago. i don't remember the food being outstanding, but i don't remember being at all disappointed either (so it must have been at least good, if not great), and their style of cuisine is accessible to the wide variety of people at receptions (i.e. nonhounds).

    1. We had a nice rehearsal dinner at Piazza d'Angelo in Mill Valley in their private room which may hold 30 people. They have semi-set dinners IIRC available.

      1. Your best bet in Marin might be Seafood Peddler (yeah, yeah, I know, not gourmet food). They used to have facilities for rather large meetings, and the food is OK. A bit overpriced. Your own caterer...not bloody likely. Who pays the judgment for food poisoning?

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          Oh man, with all the bad reports about that, there is way better in Marin. One idean might be Mezzo Mezzo

          It is a small restaurant with a lot accross the street and the prices are lower that what I've seen on the Seafood Peddler menu and the food in a differernt world.

          It is a very attractive restaurant with a pleasant staff and there is a parking garage accross the street for easy parking.

          Hope you will report back about the place you choose.

        2. What about the Lark Creek Inn? I had friends who had a second wedding reception there (the original wedding was a destination wedding).

          1. I just had another thought (better than the Peddler)...check with several good caterers and have them suggest a suitable place. Marin Art and Garden Center also has facilities for big parties.