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May 14, 2007 05:31 PM

where to find Persian food in Auckland..??

Recently moved to Auckland (from LA) and we're craving good Persian Food. Can any of you fellow Aucklanders recommend a Persian restaurant anywhere around here?

Quite a few places advertise "kababs" and the sort, but they're the common Turkish-style Doner Kabab. Shaved donar in a pita is a nifty lunch treat, but nothing compares to an authentic Persian-style Chelow Kabob dinner feast...!!

...a few Koobidehs with saffroned Basmati rice, some cruncy Tahdig, maybe Gheimeh Bademjan on the side, etc.. Mmmm. (or maybe Zereshk Polo....) ok, now I'm hungry

Any suggestions are welcome...

JAFA cheers to all,

P.S. Any suggestions for a really good tasty burger? (BurgerFuel is OK, but lacks a certain something to warrant a PulpFiction-esqe exclamation.)

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  1. Burgers... try any Bruger Wisconsin... Persian food... ummm... sorry, can't help you there!

    1. "yaft mi-nashavad, josteh-im ma"!!
      kidding aside, there aren't many (as you have noticed). There is a "kebab place", called Papa Tasty Kebabs in the Int'l Food Court in Ponsonby (second floor in a white building with good signage - hard to miss). there you can find koobideh and a version of barg.
      As to tahdig, khoresh, etc. ... let us know if you find any !!

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      1. re: kamranz

        I have been hunting for 6 months since I moved back from London and left behind the most fabulously delicious Persian restaurant ever!!
        I don't think there is a great enough Iranian community in NZ yet for authentic restaurants to have been opened. Perhaps those living here could be convinced if they knew there was a demand!

      2. I haven't actually eaten there, but there is a place on Dominion Rd (on the left going away from the City, in the block after Videon on the same side). It seems to be catering for Persians.

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        1. re: rhema64

          The shop in Dominion Road is a small food store specialising in Iranian, Turkish, Syrinan and other foodstuffs. A good source for pomegranate syrup, fruit cordials, some breads, feta, sweets and other unrecognisable tins and jars!
          I was in there on Saturday but forgot to ask if they know of any Persian cafes or restaurants in Auckland...or if they would be interested in opening one!

        2. Hi, I don't know much about Persian food, however you could try the Turkish Cafe in Newmarket - they do dishes from other countries around Turkey, and one of their daytime chefs is Persian. He cooks beautiful rice!

          1. there's another place you may want to try. Although I'm told they will be closing in June. It's called Crystal Cafe, on Jellicoe Rd in Panmure. Just turn into Jellicoe from the Panmure roundabout and they're about 50 meters on your right.
            You can get koobideh, soltani, etc. there.

            Found any more that YOU can share ???