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May 14, 2007 05:20 PM

Visiting NYC- suggestions on my itinerary

My wife and I are coming to NYC for a week from LA and will be in Manhattan for a few days of that time. Here's where was thinking of hitting:

9th Ave Food Fair- snacks/lunch on Sat/Sun
WD-50- some evening for a fancy, interesting dinner
Babbo- may try to walk in at 5 as was unsuccessful at securing a reservation
Katz's or 2nd Ave deli for corned beef and pastrami
Hungarian Meat Market 1560 2nd Ave- supplies for the trip home
Spotted Pig- drinks with friends some weeknight
Il Cortola- possible if in little Italy
Number of pizza possibilities off

Any comments or suggestions?

I could use another bar with decent food besides the Spotted Pig, preferably somewhere not ruinously expensive.

I'm looking for Jamaican and Turkish food, too- any good ideas in Manhattan?



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  1. For Turkish, you can try Turkish Kitchen. If you are around on Sunday, they have a great brunch.

    1. Spotted Pig is a nasty little place for a drink. The bar is small and crowded. Poseurs abound. As an alternative consider Temple Bar or Angel's Share.

      1. 2nd Ave Deli has closed a long time ago. Katz's is good for pastrami so you are right on the money.

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        1. re: kobetobiko

          That is a crying shame. My folks and I used to go there all the time when we took the train in from Philadelphia, and I was looking forward to some reminiscing.

          1. re: AndrewS

            Rumors abound that 2nd Avenue Deli will reopen.

        2. dennis foy in tribeca: amazing and totally underrated. forget babbo, balthazaar, spotted pig. try for an early or late table too at blue hill.

          have a great trip!

          1. In regard to the last thing on your list, one of the better pizza places in NYC is Grimaldi's in Brooklyn. The most fun way to get there is to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge (has great views of downtown). Grimaldi's is right under the bridge. Also, the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory is about a block from Grimaldi's and they get ranked as having some of the best home made ice cream in the city every year.

            19 Old Fulton St.(under the Brooklyn Bridge)
            (718) 858-4300

            Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory
            2 Old Fulton St
            (718) 246-3963

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            1. re: ohromujici

              I definitely second the Grimaldis rec, but would recommend taking the subway or a cab over to Brooklyn, eating, and then walking back to Manhattan over the bridge.....the view is way better this way. Plus you can walk off all that pizza!

              1. re: nycskigal

                Go to Joe's Shanghai in Chinatown and order the soup dumplings. They are a must when visiting.

                1. re: clashfan

                  I'd say New Green Bo for soup dumplings over Joes, Joes is kind of "touristy" now. (also prefer NGB anyways).

                  Good list, Andrew, I was impressed... and you did your research!

                  1. re: CorgiLover

                    Thanks! Some subjects are worth serious study, after all. . .

                2. re: nycskigal

                  You can also take the Water Ferry one way if you are not a walker. We always walk across the Bridge when we go to Grimaldi's.