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Lobster Roll- Rhode Island

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We are planning on taking a ride tomorrow and looking for the best Lobster Roll in Rhode Island, preferably with a water view. Destination will depend on responses...

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    1. Jim's Dock in Jerusalem! Check to see if they are open yet.

      Jerry Saywell

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        I LOVE Jim's Dock! Never had the lobster roll though. I had friends who used to get a beach house nearby every summer. It had become a tradition that I would take their kids for breakfast during that week.....no parents allowed, I let them drink coffee w/caffeine, etc. (they were like 8-10 yrs old). There is *nothing* like sitting on that dock, eating blueberry pancakes and sipping coffee, and watching the fishing boats go out. Great memories.

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          Great Lobster Rolls - just LOBSTA - no junk

          Jerry Saywell

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            Having never been there, what else do they serve? Can you tell me a little bit more about the place? A quick internet search brough back slim results...

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              I guess I'd describe it as a seaside diner? A shack on the water - go down the road to East Matunuk State Beach, all the way to the end, then bear left towards the rental cottages - all the way to the end of that to the turn-around, and Jim's is on the right. It sits on the canel that separates E Mat from Galillee. A shack that is half fish market and half diner. I THINK they have indoor seating but I've never been inside. Only sat on the outdoor deck. Full breakfast (wonderful blueberry pancakes).

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                Jane, is that the place that's across the road from Aunt Carrie's?

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                  No - Aunt Carrie's is Pt Judith, right? If you had a boat, you could be at East Matunuck State Bch in about 5 minutes.....but by car (Rt 1) it's more like 20.

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                You need a new search engine....first thing that came up for me was ....their website! I'm stunned that they have one.


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                  Hey Jane!
                  I need some lobsters Memorial Day week-end. Can I get as good a price in Matunuck as Pt Judith at the boats? I'm coming from Westerly so the extra time saved would be great, esp with a yard full of hungry people!

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                    There are boats at Jim's Dock that sell lobsters off the dock. Ask for Scott. By the way, even the hamburgers are great at Jim's Dock.


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                      Yes, I think the prices are comparable. At least good enough not to bother making the extra drive into Galillee. Jim's Dock, and also Skip's Dock next door. That is the village of Jerusalem. After you get off Route 1 (Succotash Rd) but before you get to the state beach, there is also Snug Harbor w/a fishing fleet - don't know if they do lobsters there.

                      Well, you learn something new every day! There is a lobster operation in Snug Harbor:


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                followed your suggestion about Jim's dock. Sorry but it's WORST PLACE EVER! first of all they don't even have a lobster roll on the menu it's a lobster plate. The lobster salad was stringy, gritty and stingy...just like the staff.
                The hostess acted as if you were fortunate enough for her to acknowldege your name, and of course there was the ole "boys and girls club" of regular obnoxious south county types that still act as if they own the ocean filing in one after the other as you sit and wait for your table..... Sorry but I'll stick to the ole Aunt Carries were I can save about $50 on my bill and enjoy a real clamcake, cup of chowder and a lobster roll. But thanks for peeking my interest....I won't have to dream anymore...

            2. for the worst view, but maybe the best lobster roll around, try Sandy's (gourmet grocery store) on Rt. 1 in Westerly makes a great lobster salad sandwich on a soft roll, which is perfect for taking to the beach!

              1. The best lobster roll in rhode island is at two little fish in westerly. hands down. buttery bread. nothing but lobsta.

                its an old mcdonalds that has been serving seafood since 97. i crave it year round.

                1. I'm told Quito's in Bristol has a good lobster roll. Unfortunately, the day we went (Monday) they were still awaiting shipments. Simple place on the water, with both indoor and outdoor seating. I had a clam roll that was good, but not the best I ever had.

                  1. Try Blount's in Warren on Water St. or the Easton Beach Snack shack in Newport. Blounts has a nice sub roll size for about 18 bucks and the Easton's Beach place gives you 2 in hot dog rolls for $10.99. I was pleasantly surprised by the latter. I had another at Anna D's Cafe on East Main Rd. in Portsmouth that was just OK. I've noticed that in RI, you get way more for your money than Maine.

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                      That's because in Maine you're paying a premium for "Maine" lobster -- as if there's more than one kind of lobster in the US or any difference among lobsters.

                      Same for fried "Ipswich" clams -- from what I've read on CH lately, the prices charged by the famous places up there in the Cape Ann area are simply ridiculous.

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                        Actually, there is more than one kind of
                        lobster in the US. The majority of the country gets their lobster either from the Pacific or the Gulf of Mexico, and the predominant lobster is one they call "rock lobster." it's smaller than a Maine lobster, and, when cooked, is the mottled black/brown/blue color of a live Maine one. It is much more tough and chewy, and not as flavorful. I lived on the Gulf Coast for 6 years, and the only time I ate lobster was when I was back in good ole New England...

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                          I wasn't even thinking of rock lobsters -- just Maine vs Mass vs RI vs Conn vs NY.

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                            Actually, much of the lobster we get in New England is Canadian. As to clams, there is most certainly a difference in Ipswich clams vs other locales. The clams in Ct. are nowhere near as good as those from northern Mass, or even Cape Cod for that matter. Colder water makes for sweeter shellfish and crustaceans.

                            Either way, shucked soft shelled clams are very expensive, so I'm not sure what constitutes ridiculous pricing. Here $16.95 is the norm at the shacks. $20 and up at sit down restaurants.

                    2. RI Monthly picked the roll at Twin Willows in Narragansett. The truth is that we save the "best" lobster here for the off season. Not kidding, soft shell summer lobsters just aren't as good.



                      1. Horton's in East Providence is my favorite by a long shot. Sadly no water view, or for that matter, any view.

                        1. too late but Flo's clam shack middletown/newport

                          1. Hi everyone,
                            Does anyone have any updates about lobster rolls? Love RI. going for my annual visit and looking for any current info. thanks.

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                              SO Rhode Island's pick this year is Champlin's in Galilee. In addition to the restaurant they also run one of the largest fish markets in the area.

                              RI Monthly picks the Matunuck Oyster Bar.

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                                  I think the best lobster rolls in RI are made in my own kitchen.

                                  Advice is look for restaurants that don't add celery or lettuce, do toast and butter the buns,use freshly cooked cold water lobster mixed with mayo. Be sane about the price you'll pay. Right now live lobster is around 7.99 lb. in local grocery stores. One 1 1/4 pounder cooked will make approx. 2-3 very satisfyingly stuffed lobster rolls.

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                                    Totally agree. as I am on my way today to Galilee to pick up some cull's and make a bunch of lobster rolls. All I needed to do was read this and off to the races lol.

                                    1. re: Frank Terranova

                                      That sounds like awesome deliciousness! I wrote that post above after having a homemade lobster roll for supper. So darned good,aren't they?

                                      How are the prices in Galilee? I live in the Northern part of the state and don't get down there often.

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                                        The prices are not bad the fact they are kept in salt water tanks not faux salt water plus why waste the money on whole lobsters for sandwichs only I use culls whats one missing claw one thing is try one hot just sliced butter poached lobster done Sous Vide with a small amount of hollandaise other than that I so use a small amount of celery just as a little crunch. There isnt a place that can IMO that can make a great lobster sandwich that cant be made at home.

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                                          Frank, you have sparked the urge to make the expedtion to Galilee. I agree with everything you have said and have never understood why some people don't want culls. That's good lobbie! Strong second to making great lobster sandwiches at home. The quality control is there along with the cost control.

                                          My husband,in my opinion,is a master lobster cooker. I'm sure it's the same with you. We make it at home because it's so good,easy to make at home and saves on costs.

                                          And what else? Oh. Mmmmmmm...to your delicious talk. I want now,I want it bad!

                                          1. re: lobbieyum

                                            Interesting hope you find some. ASK for hard shell lobsters even if you have to buy 2 claw ones this time of the year a lot of lobsters molt and lose about 40% meat weight. When I was a kid working in restaurants the so called lobster fisherman style it was just the body filled with claw meat but thats how culls were used. Also the term bullets were used for that same dish they were lobsters with small or regrown claws so called bodies were called bullets. Try the Wharf seafood store in Galilee. I will run tomorrow because I usually bring a container, walk out on the rocks and get a gallon of clean sea water and boil then in it. Its super sweet salty taste.

                                            Good luck

                                            1. re: Frank Terranova

                                              Frank,your the best,we are really lucky that your on here,inspiration to do it ourselves,id rather know exactly what im eating too......