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May 14, 2007 04:53 PM

Smaller Buffets in Toronto

Everyone is familiar with the big Toronto buffets (Imperial, Mandarin, Starwok, etc.) but I was wondering are there any little independent buffets located in the G.T.A.?

I know that their is Sister's Buffet on Kingston Road but I am leaning more toward small Chinese buffets. I can think of the Moonlight on Dundas St. West but their must be more.

Please list all of the smaller type buffets that you know (food type can be anything--European, Greek, Chinese, etc.) and also your opinions on them.

With much thanks,


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  1. Chef of India.
    N/E corner of Yonge on Eglinton. Best buffet in TO.
    Indian obviously.


    1. Hungarian buffet at Yonge and Steeles

      Flamingo House on Parliament near Carlton - Canadian Chinese food, but pretty decent (although I haven't been for a while


      Hodori Korean buffet - 691 Bloor W - I haven't been in years, they speak almost no English so don't go unless you're adventurous.

      Also see this thread for middle eastern and Italian

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        Hodori Korean Buffet is no more. It's been a LONG time.....I liked it a lot.

        691 Bloor Street West is now Buk Chang Dong Soon ToFu - which is very good as well. Many posts on Chowhound about it.

        1. re: ghetto_scarlem

          Wow, is REALLY out of date then :-)