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May 14, 2007 04:25 PM

Low Carb Dessert

I have a friend who is celebrating a birthday tomorrow and i'd love to get her a cake or a birthday treat. she happens to be on this detox diet right now where she's not allowed refined sugars or carbs. I was wondering if any of LA's dessert places offer a low carb cake or treat that i could pick up.

any suggestions?

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  1. While not as helpful as a nice recommendation for a bakery or something of that nature, as someone who's gone through detoxes myself I can tell you what I'd prefer: wait until the detox is over, then get something really good. It's hard to resist the draw of a nice dessert, especially on a birthday, but I'm of the opinion that you go big or go home. The anticipation of specific food awaiting me after the detox somehow made it more bearable than fitting in a bite when I knew I couldn't eat to my heart's content. HTH.

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      I second that. She would probably rather wait for the real deal than settle for a sugar free version...I would. Make her a lovely lunch and give her a card that says something like, "This card good for one gooey dessert of your choice after detox my treat"!
      Just an idea

    2. I'd get her some chocolates from Jin Patisserie. They are dark chocolate and they're small, so there won't be a ton of sugar in them. They are rich enough that a piece or two would satisfy her for awhile. And they are one of the tastiest things on the planet.

      Or you could tell her to screw this detox nonsense and enjoy life in moderation because that's a far more durable and satisfying plan for life... So eat a lousy piece of cake and smile about it.

      1. everyone's fav....hmmm...cheesecake factory has a low carb cheesecake...get extra whipped cream ( low in carbs...even with the sugar ) there is a place in montrose, my daughter bought me some low car desserts...they were basically mousse...but tasty...i know it's on the main drag in montrose but i forget the name...for low carbs - cheesecake is really the only way to go...cakes have way too much carbs from the flour....other options are making meringues using splenda...very low in carbs - good luck !

        1. Penguin, TCBY etc usually have low carb frozen desserts, but all the chemicals in that stuff will probably negate the benefits of her detox!

          1. How about some cheese instead of low carb sweets? If she can have fruit then you could make her a nice fruit and cheese platter. I think strawberries are lower carb than some other fruits.