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May 14, 2007 04:17 PM

Mt. Dora Weekend

Travelling just north of Orlando and spending a weekend at Mt. Dora. Can someone recommend restaurants or eateries for breakfast or lunch?

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  1. i can't help you for breakfast - maybe nell's highland cafe? but for lunches/dinners:

    retro bistro
    frosty mug
    sugarboos (BBQ - carry out or eat outside only, not in the greatest area of town but definitely worth ordering ahead for their drive-thru and taking back to a park or wherever you're staying)

    google each of them for more info / menus etc

    enjoy your stay!

    1. For breakfast, go south on 441 about 12 miles ( you'll be just North of Apopka)
      Plymouth Woodshed - good breakfast

      1. How much money do you want to spend and how unusual do you want your experience to be?
        We'll start with breakfeast: Have an omlette or eggs, toast, meat, hashbrowns and fruit for under $5 at The hollywood Cheesecake Cafe. It is located downtown in the Renisance Bldg. They are not open on sundays!
        For a grand buffet with champane mimosas you'll want to hit the Lakeside Inns Sunday Brunch. They have everything on this buffet from waffles to carved meat. And finaly if you want a no-nonsense diner breakfeast go see the folks at the highland street cafe.

        At lunch There is moore to choose from:
        If you want a light lunch, order a salad at the Goblin market. There are several to choose from and are a meal in themselves. My favorite is the market cobb salad! If you want something hearty,try the Chew Chew Express deli. This place has HUGE sandwiches hot dogs and burgers with the best homecut fries on the mountain at a decent price! This place is outdoor dining only. If the weather is bad try Al E. Gators for lunch. Huge sandwches as well with a beer to go with them.
        Mount Dora has several places to eat along with several types of food. The service varries from place to place and suffers in most. I have never been to a place in Mount Dora where the service wasn't bad at least once! Don't ask alot of questions and don't make too many special orders and you should be fine! If you decide to have dinner on the Mountain try The Retro Cafe for a reasonably priced dinner. If you want something different try The Frosty Mug. They have Icelandic fare i have seen nowhere before. Show up before 5pm or after 8pm as they get crowded on the weekends. If you are on a budget, The Retro and fiesta grande are your best bets.