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May 14, 2007 04:14 PM

Issaquah/Bellevue Rehearsal Dinner Venue

I'm trying to find a restuarant with a private room available for a large-ish rehearsal dinner (50 people). Ideally we're looking for Northwest-influenced cuisine and somewhere as close as possible to Issaquah where the guests will be staying. We'd been hoping for Coho Cafe but they aren't willing to book a special event on a Saturday night in the summer, they say. Any tips or ideas would be appreciated!


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  1. It may be a little far north for you, but Anthony's in Kirkland has a nice private room and fits the NW cuisine theme. You might also want to try Sea Star in downtown Bellevue.

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    1. re: lisaf

      Thanks, I'll check them both out. Kirkland is probably still close enough.

    2. Perhaps 0/8 seafood in Bellevue? For more casual, perhaps Pogacha in Issaquah. There's a new wine bar in the Issaquah Highlands, Sip. I'm not sure how many they can hold.

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      1. re: krb

        Thank you for the ideas! Pogacha's we are talking to, I'll check out 0/8 and Sip too :)

      2. Hedges Cellars is in Issaquah, I think their private dining room seats up to 70. Salish Lodge can also hold 50 nicely at their terrace, although if you're looking for a Saturday evening, it may be reserved for a wedding already.

        Otherwise, Yama at the Galleria, Daniels at Bellevue Place and Maggiano's all have private rooms and often accommodate rehearsal dinners. Similar to the previously mentioned Sea Star.

        Fins in Issaquah does Seafood, but I'm not sure they'd close for a Saturday evening without a fairly significant food minimum.

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          Thanks for the ideas, I'll check them out! It looks like we are now doing a rehearsal lunch for 30-40 so I think it'll be easier to find somewhere now.