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May 14, 2007 03:58 PM

Pizza/Pasta around Quincy Market

Coming into town from NY. Need a spot which takes reservations for about 20 people/teens around Quincy Market. Pizza, chicken parm, baked clams, shrimp oreganata, various pastas, etc etc. Family Style or not.

Looking for a decent spot - nothing cheap or rundown. Any ideas near Quincy Market or Newbury Street or anywhere we can walk around/hangout after dinner.

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  1. I'll jump in with a preemptive strike against Maggiano's, which I'm sure someone will recommend. I ate there last week for the first time and thought it was affirmatively terrible. The kids will like it, if that'd your goal, but if your looking for an adult restaurant, check out Mamma Maria in the North End.

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      I'll echo and amplify Blumie's idea of the North End, very close to Faneuil Hall, which is loaded with Italian restaurants. Many North End spots tend to be small, but in addition to Mamma Maria, try Prezza -- either will provide arguably the best Italian in the area, though note that these are more Northern Italian oriented. Other good to excellent possibilities that might be able to accommodate a group this large would include Antico Forno, Maurizio's, Lucca, Euno, Pagliucca's, Saraceno's, or La Summa. Would very strongly suggest calling first to make reservations.

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        If you're near Quincy Market and loooking for pizza your best bet is Pizzeria Regina.
        It's a little rundown and they don't take res's as far as I know but it's arguably the best pizza in town and right near QM in the North End. Just a pizza place, without the other choices but definitely the best pie in the area. Might be worth a call to see about getting in there with a group.
        Also a great neighborhood to walk around.
        Might not work for your group and meal needs but if not you can keep it on your radar for future consideration.

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          Just make sure you go to the original Pizzerina Regina on Thacher Street and not the take out version right at Quincy market.

    2. I can't think of a place in the North End that does both the red-sauce sort of classics and pizza. Antico Forno has very good pizza and some nice baked pastas, but they are not really in the parmagiana category (and 20 may be pretty difficult). If you are willing to forgo the pizza, I like Mother Anna's for the rest of it.

      Mamma Maria and Prezza are chowhound favorites in the North End, but I don't think they have the type of food you've asked for.

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        One key advantage of Mamma Maria is that they likely can accommodate a group of 20.

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          Boy, Mamma Maria looks much more formal than we're looking for. Maybe I should have been more clear. We're split 50-50 adults/kids and most of us will be in shorts. We're looking for a comfortable, neighborhood place with pretty decent food and where we can relax and let loose a little. More southern italian comfort food/pizza than high end italian.

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          Antico Forno absolutely makes parm-ish dishes (saltimbocca. etc.).

          And they have very good pizza (I recommend ordering it well done).

          And they have excellent oven-baked pastas.

          And it's casual.


          Reasonably priced.

          Here's their menu:

        3. I've never been, but Antonio's, on Cambridge Street across from MGH (not a bad walk, or a quick cab ride, from Quincy Market), is a board favorite and, so long as they can accommodate a group your size, sounds like a perfect fit.

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            BTW, no pizza at Antonio's, but you can check out their menu and some reviews here:


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              How's that area at night? Dead/Out of the way or somewhat vibrant? thanks

              1. re: drothman66

                It's the back side of Beacon Hill. Quite a few restaurants and bars in the general area.

                Charles Street (nearby) has decent shopping/eating.

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                  Agreed. I would exactly call it vibrant, but there's always activity near MGH (ambulances coming and going if nothing else!), and it's a short walk to Charles Street, which would make for a nice post-dinner stroll. I also would guess that cabs would be relatively easy to find.

            2. Gosh, i hate to say this, but with such specific and red sauce pasta, large, kid friendly, etc...I'd say your best bet is Bertucci's. It's a chain, but a local chain. The pizza is decent, the pastas edible...the atmosphere chain-y and bleak, but kids won't mind. You might want to consider it as a fallback option. There's one right next to Fanueil Hall.


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                Gack. While the pastas are edible, mostly, I find the pizza at Bertucci's to be just terrible. Mostly it's the chewy, chewy, chewy, chewy crust (did I mention it's chewy).