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May 14, 2007 03:32 PM

Greenport, LI (and greater North Fork area) Rec's

Staying out in Greenport, LI for a weekend in June. We'll be a rather large group of 14 ladies (mid- to late-20s). Any suggestions on restaurants/bars in Greenport? What about wineries? Which are the less commercial ones? Any good experiences with any of the wine tour companies? All feedback welcomed! Thanks!

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  1. Best winery in my opinion (as far as wine goes - tasting room is nothing to get excited about) is Lieb Cellars on Sound Avenue. I've never done the tours. Osprey Dominion (wines not all that) has a great backyard hang out scene with live music (others have music on weekends as well) but Osprey is very laid back. Be warned, lots of families and couples so may not be the right atmosphere for 14 women. Still, we love hanging out there.

    Restaurants - Hands down for me is the Frisky Oyster in Greenport. Absolutely fantastic - great food, atmosphere is casual with an urban vibe. It is not large though so you definitely should make a reservation well ahead of time. It also is not cheap.

    Have never done the wine tours so can't help you there.

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      Thanks for the winery and restaurant suggestions, laylag. I'd heard of the Frisky Oyster but your input is exactly what I was looking for... Is there a bar there as well?

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        If I recall correctly there is a bar at Frisky but not suer if you can all fit at it comfortably. I think they are known for some cocktails - ie, martinis or something but we're wine drinkers so I don't remember exactly.

    2. Shinn Estate on Oregon Rd. in Mattituck is not commercial. Nice tasting room, pretty good wines (need to age according to husband though). Pretty spot. Barbara Shinn, the female half of the proprietors (along w/ her husband David Page) is very warm and knowledgeable too. This spot is "off the beaten track" so you don't get as many day trippers as the main road vineyards.

      Farmer Bar might be fun for a group. They've got a bar. Depot Road in Peconic. Decent BBQ and Southern food.

      You should check out the Broken Down Velise in Mattituck village. It's a great, divey, local bar. If that's something you enjoy. I love that place. Decent juke box too. Our friends also love the Old Mill on the Mattituck Inlet for similiar vibe. I've not yet been however. Apparently it attracts quite an "eclectic" crowd. Part-owned by Greta Van Susteren the FOX News host.

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        Part-owned by Greta Van Susteren... is that an endorsement or a warning? : )

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          Neither. Just FYI. Kind of an oddity, since she lives in DC. Apparently her friend had been the long time manager or owner and she came in on the deal.

      2. Here's a link to my review of the Jedediah Hawkins Inn:

        We went back for lunch again about a month ago and it was just as good as the first time.

        1. I may get boo-ed for this one.....but I always had fun at Claudio's Clam Bar. RIght on the water and they have dancing at nights. Then again, I have always like Claudio's food and I know that there are many that do not.

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            To each his own L W but "Booooooo!" : )

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              Well, they are looking for food with a bar scene so I guess Claudio's would fill that bill as well as anything in the vicinity. As far as wineries we enjoy the tasting room at Paumanok and the sparkling wines at Pugliese.

              Any opinions on that BBQ place on the main street in Greenport near the ice rink?

              Someone earlier in the thread mentioned the Broken Down Valise local dive. Here's a link to a YouTube of the joint:


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                If they want a bar scene yes but I wouldn't eat there. I've done it and won't do it again so would never suggest it.

            2. I second the frisky oyster recommendation below. Also good is the fifth season. You guys may want to hed over to shelter island (you can take the ferry from greenport) for drinks at some point - sunset beach is really fun. In terms of wineries, I would recommend macari and waters edge.

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                I also like the fifth season, but wonder if they have room for 14 at one table. It is kind of a small place.