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May 14, 2007 03:22 PM

Local Produce - Meat - Dairy - Farmer's Markets

Just moved to Northern Westchester and I am looking for the fresh food! Where can I find a great Farmer's Market (i know they will open in June). Also looking for local goods - any suggestions?

I tried Mount Kisco Seafood this weekend - Excellent selection

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  1. Here's one list of local farmers markets:

    Check the boards for specific comments.

    There are lots of farmsa and orchards in Putnam and Dutchess--tons of fresh produce right around the corner!

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      didn't realize the site was there - good to see a list of all of them - but their 'starting' dates are wrong on a few of the markets.

    2. I was at the one at Stone Barns last week and it was amazing. They didn't have crazy selection of veggies yet, but they had chard, salad greens, radishes, fresh herbs, all picked that same day! I cooked up some of the chard and couldn't believe how fresh and delicious it was. For meat eaters, they had a freezer chest full of organic farm raised meats from their property. lamb chops, turkey legs, sausage, and farm fresh eggs.
      The market is open Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday starting at 1pm.

      1. I think the Greenwich Market starts this Saturday. It runs from 9;30 am to 1 pm.
        Meat, cheese, raw milk, veggies, fruits and lots of other goodies. All grown or raised in CT.

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          yeah. started last week, actually. Also have folks there from a CT sheep farm. Good lamb products - both meats and cheeses.

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          1. I was at Stone Barns market today and I just enjoyed a truly delicious salad with their baby greens and radishes for dinner. Simply delicious.

          2. If you're ever interested in driving a little further north, the Hawthorne Valley place in Columbia County is a place to visit for organics - a dairy, a bakery, all attached to a school.

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              Oh yes! We know Hawthorne Valley very well. We have a place up in Chatham that we spend a few weekends a month at so it's our first stop when we get there and we usually buy them out! lol I LOVE their baked goods. Excellent biodynamic cookies and pies and great breads. They also provided me with some of the finest eggs I have ever had. They also have a farm stand at union square.

              1. re: OrganicLife

                Have you tried the Quark danish with some raw milk? deeeelicious!
                (It's a dairy, so they can sell raw milk.)
                This weekend at HV we got some really good arugula, a tomato that tasted like a tomato, and a local NJ yogurt from Evans Farms that was terrific.

                And found a bar that serves organic local food, a town over from Hawthorne Valley.
                In Philmont, called The Public House. It was a nothing-looking place that turned out to have an organic/local focus -- grass fed free-range burger, good salad, organic beer (Wolaver), but not pricey. There was a spelt crust goat cheese pizza that was perfect snacky bar food.
                It's on the main street, with a chalk board outside that says Open For Lunch.

                What's good in Chatham? Someone was telling me about a sheep farm there that was open to the public.

                1. re: pitu

                  In Chatham we usually stick with Liperas because it's so close to the house. We also used to go to Aubergine when it was open. Most of the time though we cook at home with our buys from HV. I will remember that place in Philmont! That's not far away from us at all.

                  There are also two fun little orchards in the area. Love Apple Farm is one and I can't actually remember the name of the other. It's closer to kinderhook and the foks that run it are so nice. They often get produce from local small growers too.

                  1. re: OrganicLife

                    I was told there's an excellent farmer's market in Hudson on Saturday mornings, but we were full up from HV and didn't make it there, yet. The last time I was in Hudson, we were excited to find a store that had scotch bonnet peppers. There was a sign in the window for patties. The patties were so-so, but the peppers were fresh.

                    What is Liperas? Nothing helpful comes up when I google that...

                    1. re: pitu

                      Liperas is a little restaurant in downtown chatham. Food is OK. It can often be inconsistent but we go there because we love the feel of the place. Great old building and very unique setup.

                      Sometimes I wish HV would open a restaurant but I'm not sure if there's enough of an interest in that kind of dining up north. But an HV version of Blue Hill would be divine!

                      1. re: OrganicLife

                        I'm in the Greenwich area and would love to know which farmers markets and which farmers specifically sell the best tomatoes and corn, when the time comes.

                        1. re: SarahSparkles

                          the only farmers market in greenwich is saturday mornings from 9:30 to 12:30-ish. It's in the parking lot just off of exit 3. Can't miss it.

                          Corn won't be in the stalls for another month or so. And the only tomatos at the market are hothouse ones. Still better than supermarket though.

                          Once season is in full, the tomatoes at the organic stand (can't remember his or his farm's name) are definitely the best. You pay about twice as much for them, but he's got tons of heirloom varieties (cherokees, brandywines, etc.). Other stands have very, very good tomatoes too, just not the variety as the organic farm there.

                          As for the best corn, I think it's about the same at all of the stands. All very good.