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May 14, 2007 02:42 PM

need help with a side dish

I always have a problem picking a good side with my main dish. I usually end up mashing up potatoes. So I decided to ask you guys for some help. I'm cooking a Sirloin Roast. Here is the recipe:

please help me out =)

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  1. One nice alternative to mashed potatoes is mashed celeriac (celery root)- don't have a recipe handy though.

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    1. re: MMRuth

      Thanks for the tip MMRuth, I never even heard of "celeriac" until just now.

      I did however find a bunch of recipes for "mashed celeriac"

      1. re: richiebronson

        It's lovely - has a rich almost nutty taste - probably best combined w/ some potatoes for the uninitiated.

      2. re: MMRuth

        Or mashed sweet potatoes.
        I made a mashed root dish once with parsnips, celery root, and rutabaga - it was more complex than regular potatoes, very interesting.

      3. I am always one to try to include a whole grain in a meal, and a side dish is a good place.
        Pilafs work with a varity of grains, and also a great way to use of bits and pieces of tasty items like nuts, mushrooms, dried fruit, dry cured olives, etc.
        I keep several rice varities on hand (my current fave is black rice) kasha, barley and lentils.

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          oooh, i totally agree! i'm a big proponent of quinoa, since it goes so well with meat and it so often gets completely ignored or tossed into the vegetarian category. it's crazy easy to make and doing it up as a pilaf (saute shallots or onions in butter, add garlic, make quinoa in as directed on package in the pan with all that good stuff) is just delicious. maybe toss some of the same kind of herbs you're using in the roast in with this as well. dee-lish!

        2. An easy potato side dish that I love is a combination of cubed unpeeled potatoes and sweet potatoes, tossed them in olive oil, rosemary or basil or thyme, garlic, S and P and roasted until a but caramelized around the edges.

          Roasted asparagus or roasted green beans. Also very easy.

          Mushrooms and beef also go well together.

          1. Yorkshire pudding is always good with roast beef. Recipes abound, but if you'd like the one I use I'll be happy to post it. Green beans go well with it, also.

            1. You could try jazzing up the mashed potatoes. I mix mine with caramelized onions and plenty of butter, a goodly pinch of kosher salt and lots of fresh-ground black pepper - yum!