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May 14, 2007 02:38 PM

Anywhere in CT to buy local chicken or grass fed beef

Was just wondering if it's possible here to buy locally raised and slaughtered chicken or beef that's not fed with feed imported from China. Thanks, Richie

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  1. I went looking for the web address for Laurel Ridge, which raises grass-fed beef in Northfield/Litchfield, CT. The merchandise is at sort of a premium price, but you definitely get what you pay for; the drive up there is really pretty; and you can actually see the cows out grazing in the fields. Their address is

    But in looking for it, I found a website that lists a bunch of Connecticut farms that sell grass-fed/free range animals, and one of them might be comparable and/or closer to you. Here's the listing page:

    1. Stuart Family Farm has excellent grass-fed beef - they are in Bridgewater (southern Litchfield County). Their website has info on their cattle, prices and farmstand hours:

        1. Beaver Brook Farm has natural pasture raised Chickens, Lamb and Veal. Some of the best tasting stuff I've ever eaten. They are at the Wooster Square Farmers Market on Saturdays. All they're meats, cheeses and ice cream are sold at the farm in Lyme.

          1. Four-Mile River Farm sells grass-fed beef at the Edgewood Park farmer's market in New Haven on Sundays. The meat is all frozen. While it has a great flavor, it's a bit tough - likely from the grass-feeding and the freezing - so bear that in mind when you're deciding how to prepare it.

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              That's funny, I've never noticed that -- but I've always preferred grass-fed beef to start with. Have bought briskets, regular old steaks, and hot dogs/kielbasa (plus eggs!) and never had anything to complain about.

              Love the lamb from Beaver Brook Farm, too. Get chickens from Stone Gardens (?) - the people from Shelton on the Wooster Street side.