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May 14, 2007 02:22 PM

anyone been to the "new" sage yet?

Apologies in advance if it's been discussed already, a search showed nothing recent. I'm thinking about checking it out for a birthday dinner, any thoughts? Do they need more time to work out kinks, or were the kinks minimal since they only moved? Their menu online is pretty outdated (winter 2007), and they're not on Opentable currently, so I can't get a sense of how it's going.

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  1. My early review of the new location with a lot of commentary from other Hounds here: . I've been to the dining room a couple of times, dined at the bar or been just for drinks a half dozen more.

    Short version: they've preserved the level of the North End original's cooking; prices seem pretty much the same; it's a larger dining room with much more space between tables, it has a full bar, desserts, better wine list, valet parking, etc.

    I personally prefer the bar at this point, which has a nice "enoteca" menu of $10-ish, good-sized plates (like decent appetizers, mostly) in addition to the full dining room menu. Service is terrific, a bunch of veteran servers. Bartending is very, very good.

    The dining room improves on Caffe Umbra a bit, except for an awful collage of cheap-looking, modern stock photography on one wall. I think maybe what they're trying to say is, "We fuse old and new", but it's just plain hideous to look at.

    Business appears to be quite brisk. They're open later, too, till midnight most nights, 1am weekends, and serve at least that bar menu fairly late (hour before closing). It's not cheap, but I really like the food.

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      Do you have a favorite bartender there? We have been twice but have not been overly impressed by the bartending - not to the level of someone like Lee at Union.

      1. re: Fort Point

        Well, Lee at Union is a pretty extraordinary bartender, that optimum combination of technical chops and hospitality.

        There are only two bartenders that I've seen at the new Sage: manager Dave and lieutenant Frank. Both have been very good bartenders as well as food servers, in my experience. I don't know if it's the later serving hours or the novelty or what, but Sage seems to be attracting a bit of an industry crowd at the bar, usually a good sign.