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May 14, 2007 02:19 PM

Breakfast in PHX

I'm picking up a friend (old colleague) at the airport around 8:30 tomorrow then dropping him off at the AZ Biltmore. What's a good place for breakfast in between? My brother ccl1111 has been talking about Matt's Big Breakfast. Any recos that won't take me too far out of my path?


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  1. you know what they say...Brother knows best...but if you do not want to swing that way then for an informal spot..LGO...or Kohnie's on Camelback

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    1. re: Molto E

      she knows i love LGO and Kohnie's is on the top of our list to try.

      jen, maybe you should just stop at rito's. : )

      1. re: ccl1111

        Now, I just HAVE to ask. Why might your sister believe the folk on this board, over your rec.?!? [Grin]

        I've heard nothing but good about Matt's, but have not dined there. OTOH, I have had some very nice breakfasts at the dining room at the Biltmore (not Wright's) but their main grille/restaurant. I'm sure that it has a name, but I have never bothered to look.


    2. When I'm over that way in the morning, I usually stop at Au Petit Four in the Esplanade for breakfast. I enjoy the coffee, omelets and croissants. I haven't tried the quiche, but I expect it is good as well. I do not like their sausage, however, which is surprising, given the relative quality of everything else. The main attraction here is the pastries.

      I too have heard nothing but good about Matt's, but haven't yet tried it. And I agree with everyone saying lgo, of course. The croque madame is my favorite. Ask for it with a side of hot mustard; this used to be included automatically, but now it is an extra (I don't think they charge for it, though).

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      1. re: don giovanni

        The Au petit Four quiche i had kind of disappointed me, but only because how great everything else I've had there has been

      2. I concur about good breakfasts at the Biltmore's casual restaurant (I also forget the name). I'm also a fan of the breakfast at T. Cook's at the Royal Palms, which is not quite on your away, but too far afield if you exit the airport at 44th St.

        1. there is a relatively new, kinda funky, fun place at the Esplanade called 7th Heaven.
          the food is good, not 'knock you over' good, but fine cooking just the same. the main draw is the atmosphere. very colorful. plus the location would be perfect. 24th st and camelback on the southeast corner behind the ritz.

          it would be nice if they could make a go of it as we don't have too many places on that corner that are good for early sunday breakfast....not brunch.

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          1. re: kate adler

            Matt's is good and lots of fun, but very small, so be prepared for a possible wait.

            1. re: kate adler

              im not sure if i would send anyone to 7th heaven..they were dissed in the new times recently


              1. re: winedubar

                Thanks to everyone for the ideas. Just thought I would let you know, I followed Chris's recommendation (only because he was well backed of course! kidding ;) - and we had a great breakfast at Matt's. I had the special - three cheese omelet with tomatoes and hash browns, friend had the salami omelet with home fries. We lucked out and only two tables were taken (every seat was filled when we left), and really enjoyed ourselves. Coffee was hot, food was simple, but it was just really, really good. In sort of an inexplicable sort of way. Cheese was oozing out of my omelet, and even as we were flapping our gums, it never hardened or got oily. You get one slice of toast with a little dish of raspberry jam. That was just plain good too. The hash browns were sort of soft and gooey in the inside, but they must have been more than all right as I had a sudden craving for them this morning.

                Too bad it's a stretch on a normal weekday for us, since I'm sure I'll find it packed on the weekends. Nevertheless, I know I will drag the hub with wee ones in tow - probably also with brother, sister-in-law and more wee ones. . .

                1. re: jcarnie

                  You're making me so hungry with that description! *licks chops repeatedly*

                  By the way, it sounds like the eggs were cooked properly, and that's enough to qualify as "really, really good," in my book. It's so hard to find eggs done right.

            2. Actually, come to think of it, my only regret was that I wasn't with brother - or sister-in-law. I know they would have been all about ordering an extra breakfast so I could taste the hotcakes. :)