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May 14, 2007 02:13 PM

Pregnant chowhound seeks romantic recs

I was wondering if anyone could help my dilemma. Next week is a big anniversary for my husband and I, and we want to have a great meal at a romantic restaurant to celebrate. We were thinking about L'Espalier because we were there last year and absolutely loved it, but in the end decided we'd like to try somewhere a) different because we don't go out for fancy meals in Boston that often and b) slightly less eye-poppingly expensive.

Being four months pregnant, I wanted to avoid steakhouses (because I can't bear steak cooked above medium rare and I'm supposed to eat it well done), sushi (just too difficult to resist) and anywhere where their best feature is an extensive wine list (again, it's just too painful to know what I'm missing out on).

Any suggestions?

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  1. L'Espalier actually will do a juice pairing with your meal since you're preggos, and the Langham Hotel recently came out with a pregnancy safe menu.

    1. For a little less expensive, more romantic than average and delicious food I would suggest Oleana. For only slightly less expensive (assuming that your husband will not be going crazy with the alcohol since I thought the drinks were relatively more expensive than the food) and fantastic food, I would suggest Clio.

      1. Any of the usual places like No. 9 and Hamersleys would work. You'll have to ignore the wine menus anywhere you go I think. For a step down, Union is a great room and feels kind of special, not as expensive. Rialto, Blue Room, Dante (looking over the river would be nice), Meritage (looking over the harbor but ignore that wine).

        1. When I was pregnant, we went to Hammersley's for my birthday and Clio for our anniversary - either of those would probably fit the bill. The good thing about not drinking is that the bill is much smaller! I always craved a glass of wine with those good meals though. Other places we ate were Blue Room, Rendezvous, and various places in the North End, but I wouldn't call any of those romantic.