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May 14, 2007 02:11 PM

Italian Beef Sandwich in San Diego?

Hi there!
Does anyone know where I can get an Italian Beef Sandwich in San Diego?
Met a girl who goes crazy for this and I'm trying to score big point.
Or else I'll have to learn to make 'em. Thanks!

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  1. Lefty's Pizza in North Park. They roast their own Italian beef in-house.

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    1. re: Josh

      I second lefty's. their stuff is all made at the restaurant and isn't shipped in like other places. i just took my 80 year old grandma there who grew up on taylor street in chicago and it even blew her away. it's the real deal.

    2. Chicago on a Bun in the UTC area has them as well...

      1. Windy City Beef in El Cajon.

        Owned by a family from Chicago. Authentic. When you walk in the door, it smells like Chicago.

        On Fletcher Parkway at 125. SE corner of 125 and Navajo exit, in Vons Center, next to Carvel. (One exit south of Grossmont College)

        Website seems to be down but it is

        1. DiCrescenzo's off of West Bernardo Drive in RB.