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May 14, 2007 02:11 PM

Greek Food Festival

Anyone know of a good one? Ideally happening sometime this summer, and in the Cambridge/Somerville area. Growing up (not in Boston) I used to love the annual Greek Food Festivals near my parents' house, but haven't been to one in years.

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  1. Yes - I just noticed the posting for St. Athanasius' festival, the first weekend on June. The church is on Appleton St., off Mass. Ave. in Arlington, between Arl. Ctr. and Arl. Hts. It's always outstandingly good food and crowded!!!!!

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      Thanks! I was just thinking that was about due...

      1. In Somerville, the Dormition of the Virgin Mary Church on Central St. holds a major festrival in early September. No announcement about this year yet. Went last year and the food was great.

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          In Woburn, June 8, 9, and 10th. Haven't been, but my neighbors said it was great.

          1. The Arlington one is really good -- and really crowded -- and not really cheap at all. I highly recommend going early in the day (lunch on Saturday, for instance) if you want the very best, most complete, and freshest selection.

            I went late on Sunday once and got some lamb remnants that were very, very disappointing (nothing but bone and gristle and overcooked meat shards) and when I asked for replacements they were out -- so I had a tasty, but ordinary gyro.

            1. Worcester alternates between Greek and Albanian. This year the albanian festival is June 1,2,3.