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May 14, 2007 01:18 PM

Side dishes for a clam bake?

What are some good side dishes for a clam bake? TIA!

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  1. Well, we usually don't have sides for a clam bake, because the sides are cooked right in with the clams! I'm not sure if you do your clambakes the same as we do, little cupcake, but ours always include celery, onion, chorizo, chicken and potatoes cooked right in with the clams. I guess if I added a side to that, it would be a salad...something light.

    1. Roast corn on the cob, garlic bread slathered with butter and herbs, yum!

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      1. re: lrostron

        Oh no, if you have bread you have to dip it in the clam juice. :-)

        I agree with the corn on the cob. That would be a really good side if you were just doing clams.

      2. I agree with QueenB, it depends on what kind of clam bake your doing, because everything is usually cooked in the pit with the clams.
        If your not doing it that way, then how about some corn on the cob, potato salad, chorizo or linguica sausage, maybe even some baked beans.