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May 14, 2007 01:15 PM

Wazema (Ethiopian on Danforth) - Brief Review

We were three at lunch at this Ethiopian restaurant which my friend has been raving about since moving to the neighbourhood.

Anyhow, the place has good food. And, for those who have not tried Ethiopian, the food is quite exotic and interesting.

Of course, the food arrived on a huge platter atop injera (Ethiopian unleavened bread/pancake). We had beef stew which was very good. And, three types of lentil stews, all of which were very tasty. One beef dish was good, but there was injera mixed into the stew which was rather redundant. But, on the whole, the food was very savoury and delicious. A bit of extra Berebere sauce added intensity. The final coffee ceremony was fair enough; you do get a good coffee but I really don't need the frankincense. My favourite item was the beef stew; it was beautiful red pieces of beef in a very delicious sauce. Simple but good.

I must admit, I don't particularly enjoy eating without utensils of some kind. But, I am sure that they would oblige with cutlery if you ask. I did not, because I did not want to detract from the experience which I did enjoy on the whole.

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  1. Have you eaten at Dukem or any other Ethiopian restaurants with which you could compare your experience & the food?

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    1. re: Full tummy

      No, I don't have much to compare it to. I have been to the place on Irwin street and found this one to be better. But, I am not a connoisseur of Ethiopian food at all.

      Responding to the comment below, I doubt that our food was reheated because it took a rather long time for it to arrive. But, I cannot be sure.

      1. re: Fwagra

        Unless they decided to cook in a pressure cooker and to order, most stews would be "reheated" to one extent or another. What were the prices?

      2. re: Full tummy

        I have to recommend Rendevous on Danforth. The veggie combo is fantastic and changes frequently, favourites are the collard greens, the cabbage and a chickpea dumpling that I've only managed to find once.

        My partner who eats meat is fond of the Zil Zil tibbs.

        I've eaten at Dukem, the Ethiopian House, and a a few in Ottawa and I think Rendevous ranks right up at the top.

      3. I'm in the neighborhood too and since going there several weeks ago, on a regular basis I get cravings to return. Another Chowhound I believe implied that the food is reheated but one way or another it's tasty and varied.
        We tried the restaurant next to Three's Company and it was good too, tho I prefer Wazema. Check it out and let us know what you think.

        1. I can't find a listing for it, where on Danforth is it? There are so many little Ethiopian restaurants in the east end - it's nice to get a review for one.

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          1. re: hoagy294

            I think it's called Meskaram maybe...M-something for sure.

            1. re: neighborguy

              I was at Meskaram the other day but I don't think I'd go back.
              We had a veggie platter which was fine, but their injera was dry (not all the way, just the end). Not dry as in crunchy dry, of course, but dry enough that you actually had to chew on it. I like spongy injera but not chewy hard injera:(

              I went to Wazema yesterday to give them a try, but they were closed for 2weeks (renovation)

              Just out of curiosity, how should you keep injera? I saw them in a corner store but there are 4-6 sheets/pkg and I can't eat that much at once. Would it be best to refregerate? freeze? leave them on a countertop? how long do they keep?

              1. re: lilith

                After reading many positive comments on Lalibela, I gave it a try.
                Good food, I especially liked the beef tongue and tripe dish, but I think I prefer Rendez-Vous on Danforth and Coxwell... at least I prefer their kitfo over Lalibela's which I found a tad salty and less spicy or me. I haven't tried their veggie dishes.

                I also tried Ethiopian House on Irwin a couple of months ago, rather boring (they don't have any lamb dishes) but their injera was fluffiest of all the Ethiopian restaurants I know (Rendez-Vous, Meskerem, Lalibela, Addis Ababa, Fasika, and one or two other places near Bloor x Ossington) which I guess appeals to many people... more flour-y than teff-y, maybe?

                So, after going to 7 or 8 Ethiopian places, so far my favourite is Rendez-Vous. I will see how Wazema is (after the renovation) and I think there was another place near Jones Av that people were writing about on Chowhound... perhaps I'll try them too.

                1. re: lilith

                  Have you tried Nazareth or Dukem? And of all the places you've tried, which would you say has the best ambiance for a surprise birthday party?