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May 14, 2007 01:10 PM

Sacramento Lunch near the Capitol

I will be in Sacramento tomorrow with a coworker for an all day conference. We're on our own for lunch, and the conference organizers have recommended Ma Jong's Asian Diner:

Is this place any good? If not, can someone recommend a good place for a tasty, relatively quick lunch for no more than, say $12 or $13 per person without drinks? Cheaper than that is fine, of course...

The conference is being held around 17th St. and K St., so anywhere in the vicinity would be fine.

Thanks, Hounds!

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  1. I ahve no idea about the place reccomended but I can give you one great recco.. The Rubicon Brewing Company. 20th and Capital (M ST). Best ten dollar food in town. The hot wings are the best in the area IMO, everything is house made and they have fantastic daily specials. Not to mention they have great beer.

    Nice outdoor dining with lots of traffic going by.

    1. Definitely no to Ma Jong. How about Bistro 33, 1020 16th Street? Or Crepeville, 1730 L Street.

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        Paesanos pizza is pretty good too and within your budget. 19th and Capitol. Great salads and good pizzas.

        Across the street is Zocalo. I have only been there for dinner and the food is great. Not sure about the lunch deal there, but dinner is pretty steep in regard to mexican food pricing (but worth it IMO).

        Then there is one of my faves Jacks Urban Eats. (20th and Capitol). retty different casual kind of cafeteria/Hof Brau like but with really good food. I love their salads and sandwiches......

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          I second Jack's for a cool vibe and delciious salad; quick lunch and easily within your budget