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May 14, 2007 01:10 PM

Anywhere but Allen's ... but where?

I've been meeting friends at Allen's for years now and am dying for a change. Can anyone recommend a good place for lunch close to Danforth and Broadview? I think there are a couple of places on Broadview just north of Danforth but don't know anything about them. Any thoughts?

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  1. There is always The Auld Spot which is a few blocks east of Allen's. The atmosphere is cozy and their menu is pretty tastey!

    1. Why not try the tapas at Globe Bistro? They've got pretty good food, but I haven't tried the tapas.

      Auld Spot had really good food in the past but after the female chef left (around last September) it was not nearly as good, so we don't go there anymore.