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May 14, 2007 12:59 PM

Tossed in Prudential Center

Has Tossed opened in the Prudential Center yet? It's supposed to be in the old Marchelino space. I understand it's quite popular in NYC.


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  1. It's not taking the whole Marche space, is it? That place was huge, and I was under the impression that it was getting broken up...

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    1. re: pamalamb

      P F Changs (ugh) is opening up in the Prudential Center, too..I had assumed it would be
      in the old Marche space (but didn't know it for a fact). Maybe it takes some space, this
      Tossed place gets the other part..?

      1. re: amatto

        PF Chang's is not as useless in the Back Bay as you might think. It instantly becomes like the second best chinese restaurant in the neighborhood (after Wisteria House, but ahead of Hsin Hsin and Island Hopper).

        1. re: tamerlanenj

          You do know that Wisteria House is long gone, right?

          1. re: BarmyFotheringayPhipps

            Are you sure? I could've sworn I walked by it and noticed it was open just the other day...Maybe I'm hallucinating though...

            1. re: tatamagouche

              Same here. Maybe BFP is thinking of Pho Pasteur which has been long gone?

              1. re: beetlebug

                Wisteria House is still there. They just renovated. Looks great, and still serving very good Taiwanese food and even some decent Chinese-American retro fare for those who like it (killer egg rolls and rangoons).

                1. re: tamerlanenj

                  Ah, my assumption when it was closed for so long was that it was gone for good. I'm delighted to be wrong: as long as you stick to the Taiwanese side of the menu, it's a great place.

        2. re: amatto

          Marche had three distinct spaces: Mövenpick (the large cafe-like restaurant on the second floor), Caveau (the wine bar on the mezzanine level) and Marchelino (small cafe back by Au Bon Pain). Oh, and for a while they also had a marketplace on the first floor.

          Changs has already opened, and it is not taking up the entire former Marche space, only part of it.

        3. re: pamalamb

          I believe Tossed is going in the old smaller Marche outpost spot that is in the corner next to Au Bon Pain and across from the entrance to the Convention Center.

        4. I dont normally get excited about chains, but a place in the Back Bay to grab a soup or salad without paying $12 sounds great to me. Plus, I've heard its a quality joint.

          1. im originally from NJ and we have a tossed in my town. Its a GREAT salad place! They have all really fresh ingredients. You can "make" your own, or they have a list of all the classic salads like nicoise, chinese chicken, greek, etc. I'm so excited that its opening in boston! They even have online ordering which is convenient!

            1. Tossed will be opening in the space right next to ABP in the Pru. Underneath that is where PF Changs has opened. From what the building managers are telling the corporate tenants (my company included), I'd estimate an opening date in the next 1-2 months. I believe that the signs say Spring 2007 for the open date.

              1. I walked by this morning and the paper is still up on the windows. Looking through the gaps, though, it looks pretty set up - table and chairs are all in place, there are things up on the far wall, etc. Wish I had gotten a better look.

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                1. re: pamalamb

                  there was a mention in an article in improper bostonian that tossed would open May 10. May 10 has (obviously) come & gone...I wonder what the hold up on opening is. I would agree that the place looks ready to go.