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May 14, 2007 12:51 PM

Ultra Cheap LES for kids who want McDonalds

I'm taking a group of high school students to see a show on 3rd street between Avenues B and C tonight. They want to eat McDonalds or other crappy fast food. They are not very good about trying new things but I really want to avoid fast food. Our limit is $10/person including tax and tip. Ideally we would sit down and eat someplace but I am also fine with getting some take out and going to the community garden on 6th and B to sit and eat there. Any suggestions?

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  1. Royale has really great burgers. But it is a bar. 157 Avenue C btw 9th and 10th.

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    1. re: adido

      i could certainly use a beer! but that won't fly with the kiddies. thanks anyways!

    2. There's mama's on third at B- a pretty tasty soul food - type joint - The HUGE plates are roughly 9/pp and while they feature items like fried chicken and mac and cheese (one of the better versions in the city), they also had great healthy veggie items, salads, and baked salmon too. There are seats there in the adjoining room - not too many, but they tend to be free in the earlier part of the evening.

      1. What about 7A (a cafe/diner on cnr 7th &A or is that too far?

        You could also take them to Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches on 2nd & A. It's a pretty small place so you could take the sandwiches and go and eat in the community garden you suggested.

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          I was just going to suggest 7A.

          Or if you want to walk to St. Marks (it's nice out), you could go to Yaffa.

        2. How big a group are we talking about?

          Initial suggestions, all very doable for $10 all-in:

          Two Boots Pizza (probably the best bet -- on 3rd and A) has pizzas and slices with funky toppings, as well as standard pizza slices.

          San Loco (not great but cheap tex-mex -- Avenue A between 9th and 10th, or 2nd Ave between 7th and St. Mark's Place)

          Would they eat banh mi? Probably not, but Nicky's Vietnamese Sandwiches is right there (on 2nd Street just off A)

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          1. re: Andrew P.

            If it's a large group, it could take forever for Nicky's to make the sandwiches.

            1. re: Wilfrid

              Exactly. But I also doubt (as indicated above) that the kids would go for it.

              I think Two Boots might do it for un-adventurous kids, and they can do reasonable volume, and it's not entirely boring. I mean, they have a pizza named after The Dude!

          2. If your group is relatively small, I'd suggest Nicky's or Caracas Arepas. Kate's Joint is good, cheap vegetarian junk food that might satisfy the junk craving, but in a minimally less junky way. Bereket has decent Turkish fast food. Grand Sichuan can probably accomodate a group, but may not be great for a less adventurous group of high schoolers.