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May 14, 2007 12:49 PM

5 Night SD Trip....Need.........

I'm going to stay at Rancho Valencia one night and Hotel Del four nights. We will have dinner at RV our only night there and two nights at Hotel Del.

Can you recommend two great fine dining restaurants in SD for the other two nights. What about Mille Fleurs.

I want to visit Rancho Santa Fe and La Jolla. I need two fine restaurants for lunch.

$$$ is no problem. I might skip RSF if you say so and go go La Jolla. I'm a tourist from Mississippi but I care more about nice resorts and good food than sightseeing. I will probably visit Balboa Park and that's about it. My wife will be on the beach at The Del and in their spa.


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  1. Best fine dining in La Jolla can be found at Tapenade; I would go there over Mille Fleurs.

    1. Food at Rancho Valencia is average at best and very, very overpriced. I would skip it.

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        Where would you go close by RV if you were tired after getting up at 5 AM and flying 6 hours. What about Market. Thanks.

      2. I was in San Diego a couple of months ago and had a non-memorable meal at Laurel. I did have very good meals at Taka and Sushi Ota, with Sushi Ota clearly being the best of the two. I also had two very good dim sum lunches in the area, one at Jasmine and the other at a place I didn't get the name.

        1. In La Jolla at lunch I strongly recommend Cafe 910.

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            I think lunch at Cafe 910 is good but I found lunch at Tapenade to be better. I also found the service at 910 to be very unexperienced. Arterra (though not in LJ) has even much better (but also more expensive) lunch than 910 and Tapenade

          2. The original comment has been removed