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May 14, 2007 12:38 PM

Stored Bought Gnocchi - Any Recs?

Hi chowhounders,

I live in NYC and usually dine out, so I am no good cook at all. However, I do want to try cooking simple pasta at home, and am wondering if anyone can recommend a store-bought brand for gnocci. I know it is much better to make fresh ones at home, but I want to try learning cooking steps by steps, so any recommendations will be greatly appreciated.

if you have any good gnocchi recipes, please feel free to educate me! Thanks!

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  1. If you have a local Target with a grocery store attached, buy their Archer Farms potato gnocchi. They're located in the pasta section and are not dried, but are vacuum packed fresh. They're the closest to homemade that I've found from a store.

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    1. re: QueenB

      Hi QueenB,

      Thanks for the recommendation. I asked my friend to look for the gnocchi you mentioned at the Target in Brooklyn, but wasn't able to find it. Sadly I may need to find it somewhere else.

      I really appreciate your suggestion. Thanks again!

    2. We tried the TJ's Whole Wheat Gnoochi last week... I was majorly skeptical, but it turned out great! They were much less gummy than I thought but perhaps it's the whole wheat kinda 'bulking' them up...

      We served with Pesto and Chicken and a salad. SO LOVED it. :)


      1. I've also had good success with Delverde gnocchi which is probably easier to get. You could find it usually in with the dried pasta.

        1. The regular Trader Joe's gnocchi is not bad if you boil with salted water, then toss with about 1 tablespoon of butter, half of a small wedge of gorgonzola-crumbled, and some heavy cream. Heat this concoction until the cheese has melted. Then add freshly ground pepper to taste.
          While the above dish tastes pretty good, I've found that the TJ gnocchi doesn't hold up too well to fresh pesto--I've really noticed an aftertaste.

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            I've had good luck with the TJ's frozen gnocchi (in a plastic clam pack), as long as you make sure not to boil them for too long. I cant find them any more now that I've moved to massachusetts, though (not sure if it's a MA/CA diff, or if they just stopped carrying them everywhere). They have shrink wrapped non-frozen ones that I find to be a kind of disappointing substitute... :(

            1. re: another_adam

              Hi everyone,

              Thanks for the the recommendation on TJ's gnocchi. I have put it to my shopping list for the weekend. Thanks for the suggestion!

          2. This is probably a sin, but my Italian-American roommate taught me to do it, so that is my excuse: Boil gnocchi til they float. Fish out of water, drain. In an ovenproof dish coated with a surplus of melted butter, roll the gnocchi around until coated. Sprinkle with Parmesan cheese. Bake until cheese begins to brown. Around 400 degrees.