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May 14, 2007 12:37 PM

Food + TV in SF Valley?

Any suggestions for a place to meet my dad for dinner and Dodger games somewhere between Silver Lake and Calabasas (i.e., in the Valley)? Anything along Ventura would be fab. (A couple of years ago some Hounds suggested the Pineapple Hill Grill & Saloon, which is o.k. IF--and only if--you eat burgers.) Thanks!

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  1. Way off Ventura in Chatsworth is McG's irish tavern.
    21356 Devonshire. It's a pub, but has great food and big tv's

    Off of Ventura in Canoga park on DeSoto is BJ's. Food is not fabulous, but beer is good and screens are everywhere.

    Beyond that, I dunno.

    1. Stanley's has a few TVs mounted in the bar area, but you'd have to eat at the bar (which is what we usually do there, so not a problem per se although some folks prefer a table). A couple of blocks west of Woodman on the north side of Ventura Blvd. Pretty good food - burgers, salads, pizzas and pastas, fish, chicken. Bartenders are congenial.

      1. On Ventura just east of Woodman in Sherman Oaks is Boneyard Bistro, most of the tables are faced toward the their overhead screen (except the booth area) - the TV is on most of the time and Monday nights are 1/2 off beer prices. It's not a sports bar and they offer ribs, burgers, steaks, Fish, Fried mac n cheese as well as healthier and Vegetarian choices, macn n cheese.

        I personally like it there as service is outstanding, friendly servers and food is good, but I do recommend either getting there early or call in for reservations, the place is small.

        I second Stanley's as well but you do have to sit at the bar.

        If you want to drive to Hollywood, there's Big Wangs on Cahuenga and Selma - that's your typical sports bar (sometimes rowdy), but they do have multiple big screens and big rooms and the typical greasy but extensive sports bar menus, my favorite meal there is the dessert ; sizzling hot chocolate chip cookie served on a hot plate, topped with vanilla ice cream.

        1. There's Fox & Hounds in Studio City, a fun British pub that has lots of TVs and a pretty good burger. A TV is a TV, but what kind of food are you looking for?

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            As far as food goes, I'm really open. Just looking for more selection than burgers and otherwise mediocre sandwiches. Since we meet once a month, variety would be appreciated. I know the Fox & Hounds, and fish 'n' chips would be a fine alternative.

            1. re: dtochs

              I think Mc G's might work, BJ's has other food, it just isn't a shining example of haute cuisine.

              What about Gordon Biersh in Pasadena?

              1. re: Diana

                Thanks, but Pasadena is too far afield for Dad. Thinking Van Nuys-Sherman Oaks-Studio City vortex...

              2. re: dtochs

                The sushi bar at Tama has a flat screen. The staff are primarily Japanese and into baseball.

            2. My dad and I often meet at Solley's (Gelson's shopping center on Van Nuys near Ventura) for dinner when he wants to watch a basketball game. They have several plasma screens around the restaurant and they're always tuned in to whatever games are on.