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Oct 5, 2005 11:24 AM

long layover at the airport...

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I will have a 3+ hour layover at SF airport tomorrow. I know this is a stretch, but is there ANYWHERE there worth dining at? Maybe someplace we can sit and relax, have a good meal. I realize it's an airport and all, but surely this need comes up frequently, you'd think some restaurant would be there to accommodate it. Otherwise, yikes! Airport food, for the hundreds of choices, is just too bad to think about...

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  1. j
    janet of reno

    Don't panic! There are several very good places to eat in the SF Airport, especially in the international terminal. I know the local hounds will chime in soon with specific recommendations....

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    1. re: janet of reno

      Ebisu (if I remember) has a joint in the int'l terminal. Great sushi.

    2. a
      Andrew Copeland

      Actually, in terms of airport food, San Francisco definitely has some of the better food out there, especially in the international terminal (try Burger Joint). If you want to actually get out of the airport, you could order takeout from Hong Kong Flower Lounge, which isn't TOO far away (Millbrae). But the international terminal is your best bet, in my opinion. Hope this helps!

      1. Here is the link for you to see the various eateries and where they are located. I have eaten at Ebisu and gotten sandwiches at a deli counter near there. Certainly better than McD but airport ambience being what it is, takes a bit away from fully appreciating the food. Other places that have good reputations are Emporio Rulli, Yankee Pier, Harbor Village Kitchen (dim sum).


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        1. re: anli

          Harbor Village Kitchen also has wonton/noodle bowls and bbq meat plates. Emporio Rulli has a kiosk right there by HVK with some good-looking paninis, so kbee can pick up something portable as well as having some good hot Chinese comfort food.


        2. Thanks for all the info guys.. I had seen the list of restaurants but the names meant nothing to me. This gives me some direction. It really makes me happy to see that there are, in fact, some good choices. In my experience the same cannot be said for most other airports.

          Also thanks for the link to the eatingchinese site... very interesting.