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Advice about my beet recipe

I know, I should change my name to "Beet girl" - Another question about beets... maybe I have a vitamin deficiency or something, but I can't get enough! I am making a beet salad for a friend's house.

What do you think of my plans - any advice? Improvements?

- Roasted red & golden beets. Sliced.
- Layer red beets, goat cheese, basil, orange supremes, grapefruit supremes, golden beets in a glass dish.
- Will bring along dressing to pour on just before eating - planning on a vinaigrette with some orange juice and fresh herbs.

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  1. Fennel is also really good with beets. Maybe scatter some fennel fronds on the salad?

    1. I really like fresh dill with beets and also some roasted unsalted sunflower seeds.

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        Yes, some nuts are good for crunch. Toasted walnuts or pumpkin seeds. Great idea.

      2. What you describe already sounds delish!

        I also like the idea of adding roasted or candied walnuts and/or sunflower seeds. I often combine sliced apples and jicama along with oranges in a beet salad. I haven't tried adding basil but that sounds good. Fresh mint is what I normally prefer.

        1. Roasted beets have an amazing affinity for pungent cheeses like feta, blue, and soft fresh goats milk.

          Some fresh mint in there is also good-especially with goat cheese, amazing!

          1. I ended up layering the red beets on the bottom of the dish - that way only the goat cheese directly on top of the red beets became pink. Continued layering... will add herbs (I luckily had some mint available - GREAT suggestion) and dressing to top just before serving.
            It looks beautiful and I'm sure will taste great too! THanks for your suggestions!

            1. A friend made an amazing roasted beet salad for a party at my house. It was, I believe, a Lydia Bastianich recipe and included fried chickpeas and ricotta salata. It was unreal. Wouldn't work with your fruits really but just thought you might want to try the whole thing another time.

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                That sounds great - I will have to check it out!
                Although it may be awhile before I crave beets again.... I've been on a kick lately and may not be able to stomach them after the 4th dish in 2 weeks!

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                  Fourth dish in two weeks - You weren't exaggerating about loving beets! If you can't locate the recipe, let me know and I'll post. It really was phenomenal. I ate all the leftovers within a day and a half and I don't generally like/make/eat beets!! Imagine my surprise in the w.c. : )

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                    Could I get that recipe for the beet salad? Sounds divine.

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                    What have you been doing with your greens (I have some beet greens in the frig)?

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                      Well I saved the first batch.... but then they went bad and I threw them out. Now I have the 2nd batch but we are about to go out of town....
                      I'm not too familiar with greens and how to cook (altho I know there have been a couple posts recently). That may be my next fore into the beet world!

                      By the way - - - the salad went over SO WELL last night! Even one person who is a caterer (and brought another delicious dish) said it was fantastic. So definitely a good one.

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                        Another beet lover here. Just a note on the greens. Deborah Madison suggests using them in any way you would use spinach or chard; just remove the stems first. I have done this, but admit to being bad about using the greens quickly enough.

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                          I too have been advised to use beet greens in the same way as spinich, but I was not sold on it. I found the beet greens to be much more bitter, almost to the point of being unpalatable. Perhaps I need a more creative recipe.

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                            I've tried a few things since posting in May, and I agree with you on the bitterness. A few nights ago I sauteed some beet greens but added in some pomegranate molasses. Much better!

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                        If you have a juicer, put the greens through. They are really good for you with lots of vitamins and what not. Add the juice to some store bought or homemade tomato juice, or add it to some soup!

                  3. Lauren,
                    Do you slice your beets first and then roast, or do you roast them whole clad in foil and then peel and slice? I used to do the latter and then happened to watch Joanne Wier do it the other way. I like Joanne's way better. She sliced scrubbed and trimmed beets into wedges, put them in a ceramic baking dish, drizzled with olive oil, salt and pepper and a scant tablespoon or so of water. Then slapped on a sheet of foil to cover the pan snugly and roasted in a hot oven until done. Slip off peels and dress as needed. I even make my dressing in the baking dish, so none of the sweet caramelized juice or oil is lost.
                    For dinner last night, I added warm green beans, light mayo, chopped preserved lemon/kumquat, capers and chopped fresh basil for a filling salad. Pretty good!

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                      I covered each in foil and roasted. Then cool, unwrap, peel, and slice. For my sliced salad, it seemed to work with the shape I was going for.
                      Your salad sounds great! Yum!

                    2. Two things. I would suggest layering your beet salad with some arugula next time. It sounds great, but you have mainly sweet and sour flavors there. The bite of arugula would compliment nicely without over powering. The green would also be a nice compliment to the red/yellow/orange palate you have going.

                      As for the greens. I usually eat them before I eat the beets. Try with a splash of cider vinegar and sugar. Or sauteed with garlic then tossed with some minced dill. Or Sauteed with caramelized onions, caraway seeds and a splash of red wine vinegar. The pomegranate molasses idea sounds great. I am definitely going to give it a try.