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May 14, 2007 12:33 PM

Advice about my beet recipe

I know, I should change my name to "Beet girl" - Another question about beets... maybe I have a vitamin deficiency or something, but I can't get enough! I am making a beet salad for a friend's house.

What do you think of my plans - any advice? Improvements?

- Roasted red & golden beets. Sliced.
- Layer red beets, goat cheese, basil, orange supremes, grapefruit supremes, golden beets in a glass dish.
- Will bring along dressing to pour on just before eating - planning on a vinaigrette with some orange juice and fresh herbs.

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  1. Fennel is also really good with beets. Maybe scatter some fennel fronds on the salad?

    1. I really like fresh dill with beets and also some roasted unsalted sunflower seeds.

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        Yes, some nuts are good for crunch. Toasted walnuts or pumpkin seeds. Great idea.

      2. What you describe already sounds delish!

        I also like the idea of adding roasted or candied walnuts and/or sunflower seeds. I often combine sliced apples and jicama along with oranges in a beet salad. I haven't tried adding basil but that sounds good. Fresh mint is what I normally prefer.

        1. Roasted beets have an amazing affinity for pungent cheeses like feta, blue, and soft fresh goats milk.

          Some fresh mint in there is also good-especially with goat cheese, amazing!

          1. I ended up layering the red beets on the bottom of the dish - that way only the goat cheese directly on top of the red beets became pink. Continued layering... will add herbs (I luckily had some mint available - GREAT suggestion) and dressing to top just before serving.
            It looks beautiful and I'm sure will taste great too! THanks for your suggestions!