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Do Kosher Sausage Casings Exist?

I've been trying for the better part of the last year to buy kosher sausage casings (edible) and all I keep coming up with is Devro. Unfortunately, my phone calls/emails have gone unanswered, and I'm not really interested in purchasing 1000+ casings from a commercial vendor. I'm just looking to make my own sausages this summer to grill, and would love to hear suggestions on where to find casings. I've checked with a few butchers in Manhattan and have basically been told that they don't exist (one such butcher sells their own "sausages" which resemble frozen logs of ground beef). Are kosher casings a cullinary urban legend, or do I just need to buy 1000 of them at a time?

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  1. Try Glatt Mart. I know they make their own sausages (which are quite good, btw) so maybe they can either point you at their supplier or sell you some of their supply.

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      I can second that... we ate them with dinner tonight and they were yummy. Also in edible casings.

    2. Gourmet Glatt in Cedarhurst also makes their own sausages. Maybe they have casings as well.

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      1. Eat Kasha...have you found casings yet? I am looking for some as my husband want to make his own kosher spicy sausages too? If we find them, let's post replies..OK?

        1. Cellulose casings are an option. My grandmother use to use kosher veal casings but I don't know where you would find them.

          1. BS"D

            I don't know about sources of casings, but you don't need casings to make good sausages in a grill or smoker. I made garlic sausages and hot sausages from each of ground veal and ground beef, and smoked them on the grate of my smoker, and they tasted great as an accompaniment to a Shabbos meal of smoked meats (although as first-time sausages, there was room to perfect the recipes). Casings would have added "snap" to the texture, but would not have resulted in something which would have smoked better or would have been easier to produce than these casing-less sausages. So my advice is not to let lack of casings get in the way of your summertime sausage grilling.

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              There is a company called Devro,that says that it makes kosher sausage casings. They make the sausage casings in Australia. The company may have an American distributor.


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                EatKasha already knows that, as stated in the original post. The problem seems not to be access to the distribution channels, but rather the lack of desire to purchase commercial quantities of Devro casings for what is basically hobby production for personal use.

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                  not really adding much here, but from someone who doesn't keep a kosher diet, i find the glatt mart sausages to be excellent...

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                They hold the fat and juices in as well. I usually do my sausages without casings.

              3. I am looking for it too.
                1. I am trying to verify with OK, if heksher is required for synthetic casings.
                2. I am also found this place http://www.askthemeatman.com/fibrous_...
                But I don't have any idea what is the heksher on it?

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                  The casings they are selling on that site are Walsroder fibrous sausage casings. These are apparently under CRC supervision- see here:


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                    Thanks everyone for weighing in. I keep meaning to get over to Glatt Mart to sample theirs before I buy the casings, but I'll report back later this summer with some results. Thanks, and Good Shabbas!

                2. Well, I bought casings (and attempted to make sausages) and I'm glad to report that they were okay. Yes, just okay. As much fun as i had grinding and stuffing, the work is a bit much for the end product. The key to a good sausage (as most know) is getting really fatty meat (another reason pork is a staple in sausage). Even with a turkey/beef/veal como, I kept ending up with sausage that was too dry. I tried adding egg to keep it moist, and the casings became to wet and tore. No great middle ground. I've put my sausage career on pause for the winter, but if you are looking for just a few kosher sausages (I have enough casings for over 100 feet), I'd suggest Glatt Mart in Brooklyn. They were pretty good.

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                    Dear Eatkasha,

                    Where did you find the casings in the end and were the edable?

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                      Yes, please I liked to know too. TIA

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                      How about mixing some ground flaxseeds into the mix...It is gelatenous in nature and absorbs liquid, so it would keep the fat from escaping.

                    3. Suggestion: Keeping the sausage moist.
                      Dear EatKasha: Bravo on your sausage-making efforts. For the meat, allow me to suggest the following combination: One part veal breast, with plenty of the fat, and one part dark-meat turkey, from the thigh. Aim for a very coarse grind. I use the meat grinder attachment on my KitchenAid mixer. I've found this combination to be an excellent substitute for pork in Chinese dumplings and other preparations. I'm looking forward to trying it in sausage.

                      1. When I lived in Chicago, the folks at Romanian gave me about 50 feet of casing. Not sure what kind it was, they just cut off a piece for me. Alternatives that I've used: parchment paper (prick holes in it so it can breath), cheese cloth. As to the dry sausages, fat definitely helps. I used a piece of meat that Romanian called fertiloff, not sure what that is. I also added beef suet (hardened beef fat) that I got from them.

                        1. http://www.thefind.com/search?query=k....

                          This search found six sizes at two outlets.They are a smoked collagen type that is edible.