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May 14, 2007 12:04 PM

Fulton Valley Farm chicken

Any recommendations on where I can find
Fulton Valley Farm chickens on the westside?

or something comparable....not Rosie's organic or Rocky Jr.


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  1. Bristol Farms has Rocky Jr.


    1. Can you be more specific about you are looking for? Special size? Treatment? (free range, air-chilled, etc.) Diet?

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      1. re: JudiAU

        I'm in San Francisco and get the Fulton Valley Farms Chickens here.....and love them....just good flavor overall. I don't think they are pure organic but raised without hormones and antibiotics.

        My folks came up for a visit and had some and my mom has been looking ever since. I couldn't find an LA market on their site and wondering if any hounds know where I might be able to find them.

      2. Kendor Farms, which sells at the Hollywood Farmer's Market, has fresh organic and free-range chickens. More important, from a chowish perspective, is that the chickens are the tastiest I've found in Los Angeles. We always buy them whole and generally roast them but they may have other cuts available. They also sell eggs of various types, including duck and quail.

        In a pinch, we've also used the kosher/organic brand sold at Whole Foods. I believe it is called Wise.