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The Sandwich Joint

FYI - went to Sandwich joint yesterday. Local owner, first shop, from Chicago but has been in Austin for a while. Real nice young guy. All sandwiches are $6.99 and "worth every penny." I got a #4 smoked ham with gouda and russian mustard. Wife got smoked turkey and cheddar something. SMALL inside - only four tables and four stools at a bar. Maybe, as a backup plan, take your food to Ramsey Park - not sure if Billy would go for it unless you ordered lots of beer.

These sandwiches were sub style and at first looked small for the price - that was deceptive; I got really full. Same price as the jerk wings, though! I ordered the garlic loaf for the bread choice - not sure if I actually got it since I didn't taste any garlic. The bread certainly "stands up" more than Thundercloud - not too soft, but still softish. I've gotten addicted to crustier bread like the sandwich rolls at Mandola's or Hog Island. My ham had a subtle smoky flavor and paired well with the gouda, the russian mustard, and the veggies that I ordered. I had a little trouble holding it all together...there seemed to be an excessive amount of meat on each of the sandwiches, but I did order a lot of veggies. The turkey was passable, a bit salty, but well above grocery store quality. The cheddar on her sandwich seemed really mild. I didn't ask who the vendors might be. It is very different than the hoagies at Hog Island and shouldn't at all be compared to that store - SJ doesn't focus on the italian cuts (I didn't see any capicolla, sopresetta, etc, although I did see salami and pepperoni) - maybe it is "Chicago Style."if that means anything for sandwiches. There's a steak sandwich, some chicken sandwiches, a veggie, etc. Lots of kooky options to try. I liked my #4 better than the turkey cheddar - the russian mustard had just the right amount of sweet.

I'll go back to get some of the other bolder choices (there are a lot of sandwiches on the menu) with salami/pepperoni or one of the hot sandwiches. I think that some of you should definintely try it out and report back.

I'd like to pay around $5.99 and with 1/3 less meat and call it even. I have what seems like about 1/4 pound of meat left over between both subs, sitting in my fridge. I think that I'll use in on a salad today for lunch!

The tomatoes weren't very good that day..... washed out and tasteless for this time of year, but I undersand that it happens from time to time. The other veggies were all great and fresh.

And there isn't the "tap water" option. So if you go, plan on buying bottled water or a soft drink.

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  1. Where is the SJ located ? I tried a google search and found nothing.

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      Oh, it is right at Hancock and Burnet, on the E side of the street. Can't really miss it.

    2. Not a very glowing review considering all the anticipation from us; huh?

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        Oh, I didn't mean for it to sound that way. I was really just trying to let everyone know what to expect! We also ordered some pretty "safe" sandwiches, so......

      2. My Yelp review of the place. http://www.yelp.com/user_details?user...

        This place has been advertising "opening soon" for so long that it's become a running joke with my happy hour group that hangs out at Billy's across the street, but I'm pleased to report it was worth the wait. I swung by today to try it and ended up getting the Devil's Cove (chicken, jalapeƱos, avocado, salsa, sour cream, and jack cheese) and it rocked. This place is pretty tiny, so I'd recommend calling ahead and picking your order up, but all in all the sandwich was great. The fries remind me of McDonald's fries though, so if you like that style great, if you don't just get chips. It could be a bit cheaper, but the prices aren't horrible. All in all, a pretty good lunch spot.

        Oh and since they don't seem to have a website, here's a poor scan of their menu. www.joshwillis.net/sandwichjoint.jpg

        1. So far I've tried several of the hot "kookier" items... The Zues is Loose is one to try if you like Olives & Beef.

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            My husband stopped by a couple of Thursday's ago at 6 PM to pick up some sandwiches for post HH and they were closed. Any idea if this was an abberation? He didn't see any hours on the door.

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              they had the hours posted last time i dropped by. i believe they're open from 11-4 (maybe 6? sorry, i'm not completely positive) everyday. better luck next time.

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                Oh yeah - they just have lunch hours...and I think that ktown is right on the 11-4.

          2. Got two sandwiches from there on Sunday, .... So so.

            Wife got the chicken with avacado something or other. I got the Number 1, it was an italian. I didn't care for mine at all. Didn't like the meats and the proportions of the meats. Wife inhaled hers, but I think that was due mainly to starvation. All in all, this was a faily mediocre addition to an already mediocre selection of sandwiche options in Austin.

            1. I went yesterday and tried the philly cheese steak, which was quite acceptable - although not exceptional - and I would concur with earlier posters that the fillings outweigh the bun ... not a huge problem but I ended up eating the last few mouthfuls of my sandwich with a fork.

              1. I'm reviving this thread - I noticed now that they have a sign advertising a lunch special for about $5. FYI.

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                  The one time we went, we ordered two wiches (he, play on Halloween - lame, but I couldn't help myself) were very good, but much too much food. If you're with someone and can agree on one type, it's very economical and more than enough to share.

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                    They have a $4.79 daily special Mon-Sat. The special is from their coldcut sandwich menu, which would normally cost you $5.49, so it's not a steep discount, and it doesn't include any sides, but that makes it price-competitive with Thundercloud.

                    I have been there a few times before today, and their sandwiches were so meaty and heavy that they fell apart, gave me lockjaw, or required a good nap afterwards. But if the "My Hero" I ate today is any indication, they've changed their ways a bit.

                    The "My Hero" basics are smoked ham, salami, cheddar, and dijon mustard on a toasted roll (I got a wheat roll). The roll was crustier and more flavorful than Thundercloud's, the meat and cheese tasted of higher quality, it had a far more reasonable amount of fillings than when I first tried them a few months ago, and they put this garlic spread on it that tasted fantastic, like a thicker version of the garlic sauce at Phoenicia.

                    If they keep this up, Burnet Rd. will give them plenty of love. If Sarah's can co-exist with Phoenicia, then Sandwich Joint and the Thundercloud four blocks up the road can live together, too.

                    1. re: KPeff

                      Wifey and I went one day before heading out to ACL fest. The sandwiches are good-sized, but I can't say that the quality was that great. It also, hands down, wins the award for absolute worst use of space. Closing off the kitchen so you can't see them making sandwiches makes the place feel even tinier than it is, and it is a postage stamp. With the lack of parking, I just can't see it working long-term. My beef is this: if you're going to open a sammich place, do sammiches WELL, like, better than anybody else. they don't. Maybe I'm asking for too much by wanting passion for the sandwich. But on this site, I know that there are more than a few who feel passionate enough about sandwiches to agree.

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                        "If Sarah's can co-exist with Phoenicia, then Sandwich Joint and the Thundercloud four blocks up the road can live together, too."

                        I noticed that Sarah's uses Phonecia pitas in their kitchen instead of the frozen stuff they stock.
                        Nice to see that sort of cooperation in a business nowadays.

                        1. re: KPeff

                          In my estimation, Thundercloud only exists by virtue of nostalgia and a sheer force of will by its being, ergo I posit that almost any sandwich place could survive near (possibly even hidden behind or under) one of their locations as long as there was not another competitor within a reasonable proximity. I've not been able to test this theory in the real world, but my small-scale lab experiments with a control group of rats would suggest almost conclusively this outcome.