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May 14, 2007 11:48 AM

authentic belgian chocolate near capitol

It is a new place that only sells authentic Belgian chocolates near the capitol. help tell me the name!

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  1. Ooooo that sounds like a dangerous place to hear about! lol Where near the Capitol is it?

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    1. re: Elyssa

      I believe it is on the NE side of the Capitol. all the people there are straight out of Belgium. They were giving away the chocolates at Belgium's embassy within the EU embassy open house.

      1. re: daves_32

        I believe that you are talking about Neuhaus Chocolates in Union Station. The company is from Belgium, though, I believe, only one of the employees is from there.

    2. It is called Belgium Locolat.

      i am looking for the physical location right now...

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      1. re: daves_32

        It's better than Leonidas chocolate??? I must try it. Let us know when you get the address!

        1. re: Skittle

          galler is fabulous if you can find it. not sure if they export.

          1. re: tauer

            I think I've heard Galler doesn't export to the US; I got some from Brussels earlier this year and they were indeed wonderful. People also rave about Pierre Marconi but I think they have a branch only in NYC.

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