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May 14, 2007 11:14 AM

Avra lately?

Has anyone been to Avra lately? I have a business dinner there in a couple of days, and am curious what people's thoughts are; if there are any can't miss (or shouldn't eat) dishes, etc.


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  1. I just had a great lunch there.

    1. Is Avra the overpriced Greek restaurant in midtown with lovely ambience and a small outdoor cafe? If yes, the service was poor. I went a few months ago for dinner and maybe it was an off night? Food was not as good as other less expensive Greek restaurants.

      1. Thanks to both of you for the responses - what have you had there? I'm going for work, and can't change the location, but want to have the best meal I can when I'm there.

        1. We went to Avra last night and although some of the dishes were tasy we were very disappointed. My hubbies char came out riddled with bones, he ordered another octapus and it came out cold and overly salty, which is weird since we had the octopus with our starters ad it was great. they brought out the same plate of octopus after he sent it back for being cold and it came out scorching hot, but still overly salty. Bottom line is greek food is very expensive in NYC, so if were going to splurge I think it should be consistent at the very least.

          1. i have a friend who loves their crab cakes...