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May 14, 2007 10:38 AM

Book Club Blues

It's my turn to host book club this month, and that means I need to provide the food for 6 people. No time to cook, as I'll be at work all day (and am hosting at someone else's house) I'm looking for decent take out food. I've done California Chicken Cafe in the past, but was hoping for something a bit more interesting.

Anything between Calabasas and Sherman Oaks would be great. there anything at Clementine that could be picked up the day before, and then reheated the next night? That would work too.


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  1. Have you ever eaten at Spumoni? I'm only familar with the 7th & Montana Ave. location in Santa Monica when I used to libe nearby, but you could phone in your order for pick up from the one in Sherman Oaks (not very expensive and based on thier website, no longer affiliated with the S.M. one ?). Read the posts (about 15 to 5 months old) and "ALL" the subposts:

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      Spumoni on Ventura is a great place to eat. I'm not sure it's the best for feeding a group. Three entres would do it, but that could be a hassle.

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        The O.P.'s group is only 6 people, so picking up a to-go order, I would think, wouldn't be that big of a problem. Read "mar52's" comment/experinece (sub-post) in the 2nd link I posted.

    2. I just mentioned Josie's in response to a post about quiche. I ordered a quiche from Josie's, picked it up on a Wednesday and then reheated it for my book club on Thursday. It was delicious and will easily feed 6. Just add a salad. Another idea is the Armenian deli in Tarzana, if it's still there. You could get a variety of salads, hummus, tabouli, pita.

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        I don't see any kind of take out on the Josie site. How does one find out what is available from Josie as far as take out goes? Thanks!

      2. Get a ton of Iranian chicken kebabs and stews and such from Green Cottage in Encino. The food is pretty inexpensive and travels very well.

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          I have picked up large orders (for 40 people) to go from Spumoni in Santa Monica. They packaged everything very nicely and the food traveled well. I had Farfelle with Vodka sauce (with pancetta thrown in!), lasagne, a salad, bread, etc. It was not expensive...

        2. Carnival in Sherman Oaks (on Woodman) does take out. You could get a bunch of appetizers/entrees that everyone can share so there is a lot of variety. I think their food travels pretty well.

          1. I'd suggest Mediterranean from Carnival on Woodman. Kebabs, hummus, baba ghanoush, tahini, pitas, falafel, etc. Love it there.

            Could also do a variety of chilis from Chili My Soul, and an assortment of salads from Salads Galore next door at Balboa and Ventura.