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May 14, 2007 10:25 AM

Concord Pike Wilmington gets Woodside ice cream

Sweet Lucy's on Concord Pike is a small ice cream shop that features Woodside's excellent home made ice cream. No more going out of my way to Hockessin to get it.

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  1. I noticed that store recently while driving by on Rt. 202. Do they serve anything else but Woodside's stuff? I find it to be a bit "lardy" for my palate but they do have a few good flavors.

    1. Just noticed that place the other day while en route to the Charcoal Pit. I made a mental note to try it. I will say: I love Bruster's. Is Woodside as good or better?

      And on a totally unrelated note, has anyone tried Five Guys yet? (Recently opened in Fairfax Shopping Center--my BF raves about this place from having eaten at franchises in the DC area.)

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      1. re: travelmad478

        That's not lardy. It's artery clogging butterfat. That's all they have.

        Personally, I think it blows Bruster's away. creamier taste and much more flavorful in my opinion. Comparable to Chester Springs Creamery.

        We like FG's. As fast food burger chains go, they are the best. great fresh cut fries. Only downside is no milk shake. Their regular hamburger is a double. You have to ask for a single. Of course Charcoal Pit is nearby but I've had numerous hit and miss experiences with service.

        1. re: RC51Mike

          Whoa, no milkshake could be a deal breaker. The Charcoal Pit is unbeatable in that category. I've never had trouble with the service there (of course, I also have extremely low expectations for a restaurant like the CP) and I have a soft spot for those little paper plates they serve the burgers on. :-) The fries aren't what they should be, though.

          I will try Five Guys and save room for a milkshake from CP on the way home! Or maybe I will continue up 202 and use that saved room for a cone from Lucy's!

        2. re: travelmad478

          Five Guys is a treat, once in awhile, if you're not concerned about heart health or calories. They're dripping with grease and SOOO good. As good as Jake's, if not better (haven't been there in awhile). The fries are very good. Last summer (Aug. '06) it was my last meal before going into labor with my first child, which makes it unforgettable and always brings a smile to my face.

        3. Just tried Sweet Lucy's last night on the way home from the Y. I got a small cone of peach ice cream, which is my favorite Bruster's flavor, so I could see if I liked it as much. Hm--tough call. It was very good, but I still might pick Bruster's for peach. I'll give the other flavors a shot--one that interested me was oatmeal (!) What Sweet Lucy's certainly does well is the size of their portions, which are ENORMOUS. I got the small, and it was basically a double cone. Next time I will get the baby size...otherwise I will have to drive straight back to the YMCA...