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May 14, 2007 10:16 AM

Kaiten zushi - Sushi served via Moat..

So, I was chatting with a few friends (double-date) at dinner last week (Il Forno in Acton, MA), and we were discussing where to go next. I had mentioned that I heard somewhere that there are sushi restaurants where the chef whips up all sorts of goodies, each set of which he sends along in a boat traveling in a moat that goes by all the customers sitting bar-style. My friend was extremely excited about the idea, and now I'm interested to find if there is one of these types of Sushi restaurants around New England (centered in North-Central MA), but we can travel fairly far to get this. I'd hope that if there are any of these, that they have good quality sushi, say, on par with Fugakyu or maybe slightly below.

I've done a bunch of searching around the board, and I did find that there is "House of Teriyaki" in Northampton, MA at least there was in 2004 -- ,
but I didn't find anything else..

Anyone have any ideas?

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  1. as far as i know Fugakyu is the only place in the area doing this. they have it on Monday and Tuesday nights. but as an aside, Kaiten is usually pretty standard stuff. i also have not been to Fugakyu's Kaiten nights so i cannot attest but most of my friends believe Kaiten to be a gimmick.

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      Fugakyu actually does this?
      I figured it was of higher class than this type of thing infers, and I've never seen where they'd be able to do that.. Granted I always sit out in the dining room..

      I just find it an interesting concept to see the choices float by, choose the things you want from appearance, rinse+repeat.

    2. I miss sushi boats. They were everywhere in Northern California when I lived there in the early 90's.

      So far I haven't seen any in New England (or NYC for that matter). But I did hear Oishii is opening a new place this summer... maybe they'll do it...

      1. House of Teriyaki in NoHo did have a moat, but it closed a while ago. There's a Korean restaurant in there now, but I haven't been very impressed with it.