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May 14, 2007 10:12 AM

Special Occasion pris fixe

I am looking for a nice restaurant for my birthday (29th), here is what I would like (in a perfect world):

Under 100 per person paired with wine (tax and tip not included)
Number of courses is not really that important ~6 is OK
A nice cozy place, not stuffy, with excellent but not over-bearing service
Location is not really important
I am a foodie and into wine, so a good value for both is important

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Devi has superb Indian cuisine and the tastings menus ($60) + wine pairings = $100. Service is pleasant and capable. While it is a large restaurant with two dining levels, you can get the cozy feel you are looking for by requesting to be seated in one of the small curtained alcoves at the rear of the main floor.

    Compass is currently offering a mushrooms tasting menu. It's $58 + $35 for wine pairings. We haven't had it, but Compass is one of our favorites, and Chef John Fraser's cuisine is delicious. Service is friendly and efficient. This is another large restaurant, but we always request one of their very comfy booths because they provide a really cozy feel.

    I've not yet been to Telepan, but the food gets lots of positive comments from Hounds who have tried it. Obviously, I can't tell you anything about the ambiance, but acc. to their website, they offer a 4-course menu for $59. With wine pairings = $95. There's also a 5-course menu for $69 that becomes $115 with wines.

    Happy Birthday and Bon Appetit!