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May 14, 2007 10:12 AM

White asparagus on the menu?

This is my first time posting so sorry if this topic has been covered. I was in Salzburg and Vienna a year ago during spargel season and couldn't get enough. Now I'm craving. The only place I've ever had them in Toronto is the dearly departed Cafe Brussel. Does anyone know of any decent reasonably priced restaurants in TO serving white asparagus?

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  1. I don't necessarily recommend the place but... Bier Markt has a white asparagus festival. I can see it on the right side bar although the website is not really working for me to check out the details

    1. I feel your craving, JamieK! :-) I lived in Spain for a while and cannot tell you how much I sometimes crave their soft white asparagus on my "ensalada mixta" (mixed green salad topped with white asparagus, onions, juicy tomatoes, chunks of tender tuna and sliced up boiled eggs). Deeeee-lish!

      Thanx to julesrules for the scoop on that asparagus festival. I had no idea and will check out that site...

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        I went with a friend to the Bier Markt and had some white asparagus and it was good but only because my craving was making me desperate. The dish we had didn't really measure up to the spargel we had in Europe. And pricey. I had the steamed white asparagus with hollandaise sauce, I think there was about a dozen spears for $16, some of them were kinda of tough and stringy and the sauce was really thick. It wouldn't just pour out of the little jug, you had to scoop it out. Is hollandaise supposed to be that thick?
        We didn't want to sit on the patio because of the cig smoke, and we didn't want the dining room because we just wanted to snack, so we sat at a table in the back in the bar area and that wasn't a great atmosphere either, with these direct spotlights shining down into our eyes.
        Also had the frites and weren't impressed with them either. The beer was good though.

        That ensalada mixta sounds delicious! My mouth watered when I read your description!

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          Oh, that's too bad, JamieK. Sorry that it was disappointing.. Thanx for posting this and saving me the time and money.

          Yes, the ensalada mixta is simple but soooo good when using really fresh ingredients -- definitely worth making one yourself [once you've found some worthy white asparagus, of course!]. :-)

      2. Just an update here: I found white asparagus on the amazing menu at Cava. I shouldn't have been surprised, since they're all about authentic Spanish tapas with a modern twist [and the Spaniards are big on white asparagus].

        The dish is "Veal sweetbreads with white asparagus and caper sauce". Unfortunately, no one at our table was into sharing sweetbreads, so I didn't have a chance to order it -- but maybe next time. This is now one of my new favourite restaurants. The food was incredible. I'll write up a review soon....

        Here's the menu:

        We did order the "Asparagus a la plancha with lemon-pepper aioli". They were green asparagus, in this case, but they were mouth watering.

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        1. re: cava_girl

          Thanks so much for this, I actually work near Yonge & St. Clair and didn't realize this place existed. Cava must be in the space that the old Delisle Court Wine Bar and Restaurant (or something like that) used to ben in?

          1. re: JamieK

            My pleasure!

            It's definitely in Delisle Court, but I'm not sure which venue it replaced. Yonge & St. Clair is not an area that I frequent on the weekends [I live downtown], but I like the area and it's definitely worth venturing over there for Cava.

            Just beware that the white asparagus doesn't seem to be on their lunch menu [in case you were thinking of a weekday work lunch, which would have been a great option].

        2. I just had dinner at Splendido tonight and ordered a generous portion of white asparagus in Hollandaise sauce for appertizer from their Table D'Hote menu. You should give it a try!

          1. Thuet is offering a special white asparagus menu.