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May 14, 2007 10:07 AM

The Italian Store...Amazing!

The Italian store in Arlington Va. has everything you would need to cook an authentic meal at home. Everything is shipped from Italy, even seeds to plant tomatoes or basil. They also have a deli where they serve subs and pizza, it was so good. It is a mom and pop store and they do a great job of keeping it packed on weekends! Anyone been? If not its a great place to try.

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  1. I've been a bunch and I really like it- I like the people who work there and I like the food they sell. Only one minor point of contention- right up the street is Arrowine where they sell a lot of the exact same meat products and some of the same wines, almost always cheaper.

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      All those times I've been to The Italian Store and I missed out on Arrowine . . . . I'll have to stop by next time I'm in the mood for some white pizza. Thanks for the heads up.

    2. Wheres it located? Metro accessible?

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        It's not really metro accessable unless you want to take a very hefty walk- it's at 66 and Lee highway (the intersection of the two closer to DC). There's this little mecca of great food in this small .5 mile section there between the Italian Store, Lebanese Taverna Market and Arrowine.

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          If you really have no driving options, you can get off the metro at Rosslyn and take the 3A, 3B, or 3E bus up Lee Highway. It will let you off directly across the street from Arrowine.

          If you go, be sure to pick up some fine artisinal cheeses. IMHO, it houses the best cheese shop in the area.

          Of course, the 3 bus will also let you off in front of the Italian Store, as well.

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            Indeed, also right up there, though, is Cheestique

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              that's mis-info, Cheesetique is miles to the south in Del Ray, tho I would heartily recommend its expansion

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                I believe the reference was meant to indicate "right up there in terms of quality" as opposed to "right up there on Lee Highway." I will defer to the author on this point, however.

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                    Yep- you read it corectly and i defined the area as the DC/NOVA area

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              I'll add another food place to the list -- Pasha Cafe -- on the strength of one dish alone. It sells an amazing dip of red pepper, walnut, and pomegranate juice called maramar. The other dishes are good, although a dinner companion once had grisly tough lamb chops, but the maramar is fabulous.

              The restaurant is located on Lee Hwy near the intersection of N. Pollard.

          2. I love The Italian Store. Being from Philadelphia, this place hits the spot for hoagies which rival anywhere in philly, pizza like home and frozen pasta like P & S Ravioli. I recommend the canneloni.
            Now, if they only made cheesesteaks it would be one stop shopping!

            1. aaronswoman - you at least used to be based a bit further west. For the sandwiches at least, try The Deli in Herndon and post your thoughts on that v. the Italian Store (I'm partial to the Hot Sicilian sandwich, btw). The bread could be better, but I think that's the case at Italian Store as well. They also have a small market, though nothing like I.S.

              I do like I.S., and ate there often when I lived in Arlington. Now I don't bother when I'm passing through thanks to two things; The Deli in Herndon, and the fact that I.S. has a wait of seemingly 30 minutes, even at 1:30pm on a weekday.

              Oh, and in Herndon there is a cousin store in WorldGate to The Deli. Creatively named A Deli - it's a pale comparison to The Deli (at least in terms of sandwiches).

              1. I am fortunate enough to live very close to the Italian Store, so I eat their regularly.

                I'm a huge fan of their subs. They are all good. The meatball is always a good option if you don't feel like deli meats.

                IMHO, their pizza is plain awful. I have had it on several occasions and each time I have been disappointed. The crust is always soggy. One time I even asked for my slice well done and it came out soggy. I'd rather eat pizza at Piola, 2 Amy's, or dare I say...Domino's!