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May 14, 2007 08:55 AM

New Eagle Rock Lemongrass

Tried it yesterday and was very favorably impressed. Granted, I am no connoisseur of Vietnamese food - have only had it a handful of times before. Enjoyed the bun with pork, and the SO had the banh mi and declared it to be very good. Found the food to be very flavorful, very fresh and good service. In no way a formal dining experience, but great for a casual meal. Looking forward to trying the pho!

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  1. Sounds tasty - would you happen to know if they have other dishes besides noodles/sandwiches?

    1. Where is it in Eagle Rock? And curious what they charge for the banh mi?

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        It's around 6 or 7 bucks for a sandwich. Everything seems to be in the six-to-eight dollar range. It's on Colarado next to the Coffee Table (across from Oinkster).

        Those sandwiches are really good. Pho looked good, too. This is a really nice addition to the neighborhood.

      2. I went there last week for lunch --- had the chicken pho and it was tasty and reasonably priced (cheaper than Blue Hen which is nearby). Half the menu was not available, but the staff was very friendly and eager to please.

        1. Local Pho Very much needed. Have been waiting for it to open for months. Closest Pho to Eaglerock is chinatown where parking is a $$ hassle. Blue Hen is some kind of organic place were a bowl of Pho is 8 bucks. Not my idea of soup for the common man.

          I am planning to try the Pho today and will update with my review.

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            8 dollars for dinner is too much for the common man?

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              Eight dollars for a bowl of pho is almost twice the going rate at a regular Vietnamese restaurant! It's not that it's too much -- but twice-the-price pho is rarely as good as its cheaper cousins in Garden Grove or San Gabriel.

              Personally, unless I lived within a mile of the place, I'd choke on the price too.

              1. re: Reeter1

                I think it is pretty relative. Personally, I'd rather have a decent $8 bowl of decent pho than two orders of average sushi.

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                Not only is $8 roughly twice the going rate for pho, $6 for banh mi is insanely high, more like THREE times standard (assuming Banh Mi Che Cali to be standard). Yeah, Eagle Rock is a lot closer than the SGV, but gas is gonna have to get a lot higher to make me pay that much more for an inferior meal.

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                Isn't Indocine closer? It's in Atwater village, on Atwater I believe. Price is still higher than chinatown, but I like their pho here better than Blue Hen or Pho Cafe.

              4. As I mentioned in another post, my wife and I went there this weekend. It was OK, if you live in Eagle Rock, you now have a Vietnamese restaurant with friendly service and a little more atmosphere than the average Pho shop. If you have to drive, I would still recommend the SGV. It's OK, but not a destination spot.

                I have to comment on the price though. $8 for two really skinny spring rolls is a bit much. They were stuffed with a sliver of BBQ Shrimp Paste, a tiny bit of vegetables and a bunch of noodles. My wife (who is Vietnamese) thought this was really lazy cooking and made the spring rolls really boring. Rice paper and rice noodles basically have the same flavor, a little more meat or vegetables would be nice and a lot more tasty.

                I still recommend Nem Nuong Kanh Hoa in SGV for spring rolls. $12 for a turkey platter of meat, rice paper and veggies. It is enough for dinner for two people. They also sell the meat to take home for BBQ and to other VN restaurants. When I eat there, there is a steady stream of people coming in just to buy the BBQ Pork and Sour Pork Patties. It really is that good.

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                  My update. Nice decor. Nice waiters. But the Pho was 8 bucks and only 3 to choose from. They did not even serve the mint leaves, chilis, sprouts, and other condiments on the side so you could mix your own. I would rate the taste average. I would do in a pinch, but something about paying twice the going rate for average taste leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Oh yes...the egg rolls were 8 bucks too. I don't know if i will go back, and I definitely recommend at least trying it once to decide on your own.

                  But now...down to Olivera street for some Juanitas Tacquitos!

                  1. re: theJag

                    Great! Finally Eagle Rock has a Vietnamese restaurant, so I stepped in and tried it last week.

                    The place was nice and clean and the service was good, but the price is high and the pho was too sweet, no sprouts, no mint, and it doesn't taste as real Vietnamese Pho in the San Gabriel Valley.

                    Well you can try it and judge for yourself. I might try the rice and banh mi next time.

                    1. re: Mr. David

                      Strange. I got sprouts, mint and chili to mix into my pho when I went. Agree that the price is steep.

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                        When we went there they gave us a small plate of veggies for two people. My wife is Vietnamese and uses twice what they gave us just for herself. The veggies weren't as nice or as fresh as what we usually get at most VN restaurants.

                        The thing that got me wasn't the price of the Pho, but of the Spring Rolls. $8 for two very waifish looking spring rolls stuffed with noodles and hardly any meat just isn't right.

                        The ambiance was OK (could've used some music) and the service was good. I hope they get it together since the reviews I have been reading haven't been very strong. It really isn't good enough to be a destination restaurant and if I lived in Eagle Rock, I would just hop over to the SGV.